Used Towcar Buyer Citroen C5 Tourer - The C5's adjustable suspension makes hitching up easier and keeps the car stable when towing, even during violent lane-change manoeuvres (© Practical Caravan)

Citroën C5 Tourer Used Tow Car Buyer

Published 17th July 2019 Advice

A great drive, the 2008-2016 generation C5 is a bargain if you do your homework first, says Euan Doig.

Spotlight on hook-ups - Everything you need to know about hook-up (© Practical Caravan)

Spotlight on Hook-ups

Published 11th July 2019 Advice

Everybody uses a range of electrical appliances and devices while on tour. Sammy Faircloth shows you how to power up safely and monitor your usage.

Buccaneer Clipper Used Van Buyer - Buccaneer's 2013 range was built with SoLiD construction. Check the front panels and gas locker lid for possible cracking. Also check the alloy wheels for tyre scrubbing (© Practical Caravan)

Buccaneer Clipper Used Caravan Buyer

Published 4th July 2019 Advice

Buccaneer is known for its super-luxury build and spec, but does it make a good pre-owned buy? Andy Jenkinson finds out.

Spotlight on Bicycle Racks - Roof-mounted bike carriers are attached to the roof rails on your tow car (© Practical Caravan)

Spotlight on bicycle racks

Published 19th June 2019 Advice

Sammy Faircloth explores options for transporting bicycles safely when caravanning.

How to make a breakaway cable attachment - Everything you need to know about breakaway cables (© Practical Caravan)

How to make a breakaway cable attachment

Published 14th June 2019 Advice

Tony Brown offers essential advice on breakaway cables and why they're essential, in our series of everyday fixes for your caravan.

How to install LED lighting - Follow Nigel Hutson's step-by-step guide to installing LED lighting to brighten up your caravan kitchen (© Practical Caravan)

How to install LED lighting

Published 23rd May 2019 Advice

Brighten up the caravan kitchen with new LED lighting. LED strips are simple to fit and make meal preparation much easier, says Nigel Hutson.

Spotlight on First Time Abroad - Book an overnight stop for longer journeys - you never know what little gems you might discover en route! (© Practical Caravan)

Spotlight on First Time Abroad

Published 21st May 2019 Advice

Seasoned caravanner Sammy Faircloth offers expert advice for those who are new to foreign travel with their caravan.

Used Tow car Volvo XC60 - The Volvo XC60 was so good, it was named Tow Car of the Year in 2009 (© Practical Caravan)

Used Towcar Test: Volvo XC60

Published 22nd May 2019 Advice

The XC60 is a good used buy, says Euan Doig, as long as you check its condition.

How to make a table storage compartment - Avoid those awkward access arrangements with this handy guide to creating a storage compartment for your caravan table (© Practical Caravan)

How to make a table storage compartment

Published 9th May 2019 Advice

In our series of everyday DIY fixes for your caravan, Tony Brown finds a solution for storing free-standing tables.

How to keep your car and van secure - What could be more important than the security of your car and van? Follow some simple tips to safeguard your touring future (© Practical Caravan)

How to keep your car and van secure

Published 1st May 2019 Advice

Security measures offer peace of mind, so here Nigel Hutson shows you how to keep keys safe and fit a tracker.

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