Spotlight on First Time Abroad - Book an overnight stop for longer journeys - you never know what little gems you might discover en route! (© Practical Caravan)

Spotlight on First Time Abroad

Published 21st May 2019 Advice

Seasoned caravanner Sammy Faircloth offers expert advice for those who are new to foreign travel with their caravan

How to make a table storage compartment - Avoid those awkward access arrangements with this handy guide to creating a storage compartment for your caravan table (© Practical Caravan)

How to make a table storage compartment

Published 9th May 2019 Advice

In our series of everyday DIY fixes for your caravan, Tony Brown finds a solution for storing free-standing tables.

How to keep your car and van secure - What could be more important than the security of your car and van? Follow some simple tips to safeguard your touring future (© Practical Caravan)

How to keep your car and van secure

Published 1st May 2019 Advice

Security measures offer peace of mind, so here Nigel Hutson shows you how to keep keys safe and fit a tracker.

Land Rover Discovery Sport - The Discovery Sport pulls strongly at all speeds and stays stable, even in lane-change manoeuvres (© Practical Caravan)

Used Towcar Test: Land Rover Discovery Sport

Published 1st May 2019 Advice

A pleasure to drive solo and a superb tow car, the Land Rover Discovery Sport is an excellent buy, says Euan Doig.

Top 10 Small Sites - We've selected some of our favourite small sites around the country (© Practical Caravan)

10 top small sites

Published 11th April 2019 Advice

For many caravaners, the ideal site is not too big and not too crowded, offering peace, relaxation and a high level of comfort, says Bryony Symes

External TV Antenna - Practical advice to upgrade your caravan with an external TV antenna socket (© Practical Caravan)

How to fit an external TV antenna socket

Published 17th April 2019 Advice

This simple project allows you to watch TV in comfort in cold weather, says Nigel Hutson

Honda Civic Tourer - If you're looking for reliability and loads of luggage space, the Civic could be just right (© Practical Caravan)

Used Towcar Test: Honda Civic Tourer

Published 28th March 2019 Advice

Go for the diesel version of the Honda Civic Tourer and you'll have a roomy, practical and well-equipped car that's very easy to live with, says Euan Doig.

Spotlight on Leisure batteries - Everything you need to know about leisure batteries (© Practical Caravan)

Spotlight on Leisure Batteries

Published 12th April 2019 Advice

All the essential information you need to know about buying and maintaining a leisure battery

01 Alde battery back up - Nigel Hutson's Alde Smart Control panel (with correct time and date set) (© Practical Caravan)

Add battery back-up to Alde's control panel

Published 26th March 2019 Advice

Fit this simple battery back-up unit and you can forget about resetting the clock on Alde's control panel, says Nigel Hutson

Fire safety upgrades - Follow Tony's tips for fitting essential fire safety equipment in your van (© Practical Caravan)

Fire safety upgrades

Published 7th February 2019 Advice

Never underestimate the importance of fire safety in your caravan; here are some tips from Tony Brown to help you stay safe in your van

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