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Caravan, Tow Car, Accessories, and Awning Reviews

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Camperlands Campmaster 2021

750 kg MTPLM

Until quite recently, if you mentioned the term ‘mini-caravan’, a standard selection of models might spring to mind – little Eribas, a T@B teardrop,...

Tow Cars

VW Tiguan 2021

2500 kg Max. Tow
266 lbf-ft Torque

Comfortable and quiet, the VW Tiguan handles well and makes a reliable tow car in all conditions


Compass Camino 550 2021

1526 kg MTPLM

Well-specified and luxurious, this capacious tourer offers plenty of comfortable living space for two

Tow Cars

MG HS 2021

1750 kg Max. Tow
184 lbf-ft Torque

The MG's budget price and excellent spec could make it a tempting choice for many caravanners


Coachman Lusso 2021

1960 kg MTPLM

This fabulous four-berth from British brand Coachman offers the height of luxury touring

Tow Cars

Find out more about the BMW X7 and how it fares as a hefty tow car for towing a caravan. We test the 40i...


Sprite Super Major 4 SB 2021

1442 kg MTPLM

This roomy single-axle offers the Sprite Super's excellent spec at a very tempting price point

Tow Cars

Audi Q3 2021

2100 kg Max. Tow
236 lbf-ft Torque

Roomy and stable, the new Q3 has promise as a tow car, so long as fuel economy is not a priority


Weinsberg CaraOne 400 LK 2021

1100 kg MTPLM

Robust yet lightweight, this family-friendly tourer would make an excellent choice for first-timers

Tow Cars

The Puma revives a popular name from Ford's past. This time around, it's a small crossover, so how well does it tow?


Coachman Acadia Xcel 830 2021

1820 kg MTPLM

If your tow car is big enough, this well-planned capacious four-berth is great for family touring


Adria Adora Isonzo 2021

1850 kg MTPLM

Now looking even more stylish, the revamped Isonzo is still a great choice for a family on tour

Tow Cars

Find out more about the Volvo XC40 T5 Recharge Inscription Pro as a tow car for touring caravans in our quicktest review


Bailey Phoenix+ 642 2021

1410 kg MTPLM

Now styled as a limited edition, the 642's impressive spec combines smart looks and an excellent interior