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Caravan, Tow Car, Accessories, and Awning Reviews

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Capsule Mini R 2024

750 kg MTPLM

Turkey is establishing itself as a caravan-producing country, although so far, vans that have made it to the UK market have tended to be...

Tow Cars

Hyundai Ioniq 6 Ultimate 4WD 2024

1500 kg Max. Tow
446 lbf-ft Torque

The Hyundai Ioniq 6 Ultimate 4WD is a high-spec, high-powered 4x4 that provides stable and quick caravan towing.


Weinsberg CaraOne 390 QD 2024

1200 kg MTPLM

The Weinsberg CaraOne 390 QD is a competitively priced van with an unusual floorplan, with a fixed bed up front and a compact corner...


Xplore 554 2024

1375 kg MTPLM

It’s easy to see why the Xplore 554 remains such a popular choice, especially for first-time buyers, says Peter Baber.


Coachman VIP 460 2024

1444 kg MTPLM

Forgoing a fixed bed means you get more generous living space in the Coachman VIP 460, a well-designed, lightweight caravan.


Adria Adora 623DT Sava 2024

1900 kg MTPLM

The Adria Adora 623DT Sava is a stylish, thoughtfully designed caravan that provides ample living space and storage for larger families

Tow Cars

Nissan Ariya E-4orce Evolve 2024

1500 kg Max. Tow
443 lbf-ft Torque

Quick, stable and comfortable, the Nissan Ariya E-4orce Evolve is a competitively priced option that takes inclement weather in its stride.


Coachman VIP 575 2024

1660 kg MTPLM

Combining a luxurious layout with robust build, a sleek profile and a classy interior, the Coachman VIP 575 has huge appeal.


Swift Challenger 560 SE 2024

1624 kg MTPLM

The Swift Challenger 560 SE is a comfortable four-berth that is well specified and offers a bright and airy front lounge, with plenty of...


Elddis Avanté 550 2024

1412 kg MTPLM

Comfortable and capacious, the Elddis Avanté 550 is an entry-level four-berth that is family-friendly and offers excellent towing stability

Tow Cars

Volvo XC60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid T6 AWD Plus

2250 kg Max. Tow
258(petrol)/ 228(electric) lbf-ft Torque

The Volvo XC60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid T6 AWD Plus is spacious, quick and very stable, making it a very capable towing option


Swift Sprite Grande Quattro EB 2024

1690 kg MTPLM

For an entry-level van, the Swift Sprite Grande Quattro EB is a well-built four-berth that is impressively comfortable and spacious


Mink-E 2024

750 kg MTPLM

Considering an electric tow car? The Mink-E is an eco-friendly teardrop that could be the perfect lightweight companion


Swift Elegance Grande 760 2024

1871 kg MTPLM

The Swift Elegance Grande 760 lives up to its name, offering opulent living space combined with superb looks, inside and out