The Compass brand dates back to 1979 and has had a long and varied history. The Camino, launched for 2017, became a popular choice for caravanners looking for luxury touring.

The Camino stood out, with its smart metallic-blue aluminium sides and tinted windows, and the spec included Alde heating, an onboard water tank, a radio/CD player and plush soft furnishings. Four caravan layouts were available, offering various fixed beds.

Compass Camino layouts

Model history

Compass as a caravan brand came and went over time, with the Rallye at the top of the range.

The 2017 season was to see a big shake-up, however, after just a few years back on the scene. A set of new ranges was introduced, a way of basically reinventing the brand.

Casita, Capiro and Camino were the line-ups launched that year, which meant Compass had three distinctive ranges to offer discerning caravanners. What was particularly striking was the exterior – metallic blue aluminium side panels with bold graphics, making the top-of-the-range Camino stand out from the crowd.

Well-lit lounge
Lounge easily seats four, and makes up a double bed with slats

The layout of the 550 proved a popular choice and it became one of the range’s bestsellers. This single-axle 4 berth caravan was aimed very much at couples looking for luxury touring.

Interior of 550
Interior of this 550 is classy, and loose-fit carpets looked like new

The spacious front lounge, well-planned side kitchen, central washroom straddling the aisle, and an opulent rear island bed made the 550 ideal for couples on longer tours as well as weekend breaks.

Island bed in rear bedroom
The rear bedroom is spacious and has great storage, but check the mattress is supportive

Alde heating, something which will be a must in the best used caravans, added to the appeal of the Camino as a cosy and comfortable all-season tourer.

Price checker

Shopping around, we found some competitive prices, from £21,495 for a private sale to £21,995 at a dealership.

The model featured here was more expensive, but it had the optional solar panel fitted, and a Truma mover, too. It was also in immaculate condition and was basically ready to hitch up!

Always check what the price includes, such as any extras. For the rest of the Camino range, you can expect to pay:

  • 554: £21,495-£21,995
  • 660: £20,995-£24,495
  • 674: £24,995-£26,995

What to check for in a 2018 Compass Camino 550

  • Dents in side panels
  • Pitting in chrome-effect grab handles
  • Damp around front windows
  • Functioning solar panel (if fitted)
  • Damage to tyres and alloys
  • Cracking on rear panel
  • Peeling interior wall tape

Alternatives to consider to the 2018 Compass Camino 550

The 2021 Bailey Discovery D4-4 combines a lightweight with a distinctive style to make it an attractive four-berth caravan to consider. There’s also the 2014 Swift Challenger 480 SE, a two- berth tourer with excellent spec and, like the Compass Camino 550, Alde heating.


Despite the departure of the Compass brand, prices on the used market seem unaffected.

The luxurious Camino has always been very popular, and there’s usually a fair selection of models on the forecourts. But they do tend to be snapped up quickly, so buyers will need to keep an eye out to find the right one at the right price.

Whichever one you go for, the Camino offers great spec, a classy interior and distinctive good looks on the road.

As usual, check for damp, especially around the windows. Some also suffered cracked rear panels. Find a good example like this and you’ll be getting plenty of tourer for the cash!

Technical spec of the Compass Camino 550 (2018)

  • Berths: 4
  • MiRO: 1373kg
  • Payload: 153kg
  • MTPLM: 1526kg
  • Internal length: 5.69m
  • Width: 2.24m

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