The Bailey brand has been around for 75 years, and like much of the industry, it has seen a fair amount of change during that time.

An established mid-market producer, by the early 1970s Bailey and many others were adapting to the impact of the oil crises and high inflation on the leisure vehicle market.

Sales were hit across the board, except in the entry-level sector. In response, the caravan brand launched its new Prima range, a value-for-money lightweight tourer. From then on, Bailey would produce various model ranges for this market.

The Discovery, introduced for 2020, was a continuation of that entry-level legacy.

Rear of Discovery D4-4
The curved corners are very 1950s retro, but check the road light panel for any damage

Harking back to the 1980s, the name Discovery was chosen for this unusually styled, small, lightweight line-up.

That light weight, and their affordability, makes the three models in the range ideal for buyers looking for a more budget caravan.

Model history of the Discovery

With just three models in the line-up, the Discovery range launched for the 2020 season. Lightweight and competitively priced, these tourers still came with excellent kit, including a shower, Truma heating, alloys and a large drawbar that make them attractive options to consider if you’re looking for the best used caravan.

The two-berth Bailey Discovery D4-2 had a large end washroom for its size, while the D4-3 offered a double dinette layout (replaced with a new end-washroom layout for 2023). The D4-4 was a solid success from its launch, proving popular for providing a roomy interior in a compact tourer.

Lounge area
Despite narrower window, the lounge still feels spacious

The end washroom is very impressive, while the side fixed bed is difficult to fault. The side kitchen is well-appointed, too, although it might be a bit short of worktop for some.

In addition, the D4-4’s low MTPLM means that smaller cars can tow it, and makes for easier handling on site (check out our best caravan park guide for some campsite inspiration).

Inside the D4-4
Looking rearwards, the D4-4 has a real feeling of spaciousness inside

There was no front gas locker as standard, although this could be ordered from Bailey as an extra. There is a side gas locker, however, and the battery is neatly stored in the floor.

We found a 2021 D4-4 which the dealer had just taken into stock, priced at £18,999.

Price checker

There are plenty of these vans around and we spotted several, some with attractive extras. Private sales were priced pretty much the same as those we saw on the dealers’ forecourts.

In general, you’ll be looking at £18,600 to £18,999. Prices seem to be remaining firm, but as more become available, they could drop. For the rest of the range, you can expect to pay:

  •  D4-2: £17,895-£17,995
  •  D4-3: £16,495-£17,495

What to look out for:

  • Cracking or other damage in rear road light panel
  • Loss of support in seating
  • Any interior damage
  • Reduced support in mattresses on fixed beds
  • Firmly attached headboard

Check out our guide to the interior checks to carry out when buying a pre-owned caravan for more ideas for what to look out for too.

Alternative models

If the Discovery’s looks don’t grab you, the market does offer other options. With a similar layout, the Sprite Alpine 4 has a good spec, although it is heavier and has a corner washroom. You could pick up a 2019 model for around £19,000. Or try a light, value-for-money Elddis Xplore 554; 2020 models are going for £17,000 to £18,495.

Elddis Xplore 554
The Elddis Xplore 554


The quirky looks might not suit all tastes, but if they appeal to you, the Discovery D4-4 offers a comfortable, no-frills interior in a lightweight tourer that is surprisingly spacious.

The model we saw was in great condition and had little signs of wear and tear, inside and out. It came with a mover, too; always a welcome sight. Great for weight and value, this really is a good buy.

Looking for a pre-owned towing vehicle too? Then take a look at our best used car for towing a caravan guide to see our standout picks on the market.

Technical spec of the Bailey Discovery D4-4

  • Price: £18,999
  • Berths: 4
  • MiRO: 1059kg
  • Payload: 147kg
  • MTPLM: 1206kg
  • Internal length: 5.41m
  • Width: 2.24m

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