Are you looking to buy a new caravan in the £15,000 to £20,000 price range? There are some fantastic models out there, but if you’re not sure how to whittle down the list, the Practical Caravan Awards 2022 are here to help, as we reveal the winner of the best caravan under £20,000.

Our expert team have worked tirelessly to pick out the winner, as well as highlighting the other best caravans under £20,000 that are on the market.

The winner of the best caravan under £20,000 is…

Xplore 585

Xplore 585, best caravan under £20000 
  • Price: £19,599
  • MTPLM: 1400kg
  • MIRO: 1225kg

Just dipping under £20K (if you exclude delivery and registration charges) the Xplore 585 is a good option for those looking for flexible accommodation. The rear-end L-shaped lounge makes up into double with a pop-up bunk above and the front lounge has parallel seating and converts to a sizeable double bed.

We liked the multiple sleeping options and the significant amount of storage overhead. There’s a smart looking kitchen with nice touches such as a pull-up worktop over the sink and hob. Whale blown heating adds to the overall comfort, as does the high-quality upholstery found throughout.

Lightweight and with an MLPTM of 1400kg, this will appeal to newbies and those looking for good value.

The other shortlisted options for best caravan under £20,000 are…

Bailey Phoenix Plus 420

Bailey Phoenix Plus 420
  • Price: £19,899
  • Berths: 2
  • MIRO: 1029kg
  • MTPLM: 1146kg
  • Shipping length: 5.56m

The Phoenix Plus 420 is a lightweight model that comes with a large front lounge and brilliant end washroom. This is a tourer that has upmarket appeal yet sits towards the entry level end of the price spectrum.

Swift Sprite Compact

Swift Sprite Compact
  • Price: £18,195
  • Berths: 2
  • MTPLM: 1094kg
  • Shipping length: 5.37m

Brand new for 2022, the Sprite Compact for couples boasts a 2.03m narrow width for easy towing and storage. Packed with typical Sprite value, its end-kitchen and front-lounge layout certainly has some Tardis-esque qualities.

Freedom Jet stream Twin Sport

Freedom Jet stream Twin Sport
  • Price: £15,995
  • Berths: 2
  • MIRO: 700kg
  • MTPLM: 750kg
  • Shipping length: 4.26m

A classic GRP moulded body makes leak risks a distant memory. This compact tourer for two offers washroom and end-kitchen space, plus a specification that makes this a real value-for-money package.

Bailey Discovery D4-4

Bailey Discovery D4-4
  • Price: £19,399
  • Berths: 4
  • MIRO: 1059kg
  • MTPLM: 1206kg
  • Shipping length: 7.14m

A hint of retro exterior styling adds a distinctive look to this caravan, while the side-fixed bed and washroom layout works well. The Discovery D4-4 offers good value for money, with the front lounge providing comfort, and the presence of a large front window allowing plenty of natural light. 

Review: Bailey Discovery D4-4

We also recommend the following best caravans under £20,000 from recent years

There are some great caravans from recent years under £20,000 – we round them up here.

Venus 460/2 Deluxe 2019

STAR RATING – 5 out of 5

  • Price £17,024
  • Berth 2
  • MTPLM 1180kg
  • Shipping length 6.16m
  • Width 2.21m

This well-equipped, entry-level tourer comes with alloys finished in black, adding to the upmarket looks. Built on an Al-Ko chassis, the Venus Deluxe has an AKS stabiliser hitch, and a spare wheel fitted as standard. It feels bright and airy, with its smart decor and panoramic front window.

The side kitchen has a generous amount of worktop and storage is good here, too. The standard oven is complemented by a microwave, placed just above the kitchen in line with the overhead lockers.

The washroom is spacious and comes with a large side window and a roof vent. Seating in the front lounge easily converts into a comfortable and supportive double bed using two sturdy slide-out frames. If you prefer, the settees in the lounge can also be used as twin single beds.

BUY IF…  you want smart décor and an excellent spec

Brilliant spec
Excellent value

Manual flush toilet

Read more in our Venus 460/2 Deluxe 2019 caravan review

Swift Sprite Major 6 2018

STAR RATING – 4.5 out of 5

  • Price £17,430
  • Berth 6
  • MTPLM 1468kg
  • Shipping length 7.31m
  • Width 2.25m

Sprite bagged our Tourer of the Year gong, for the Major 6, which has fixed bunks at the back next to a rear corner washroom. Swift revamped its Escape entry-level coachbuilt motorhome range in 2017. Much of the design thinking in that seems to have flowed over into the this Sprite.

In the kitchen there is plenty of space for a kettle and more in the workspace underneath. This is mostly well lit by three LED lights that go right over the three-burner hob and the round sink. Above this are two overhead lockers, one with a crockery rack. Underneath the hob is a Thetford oven with a separate grill, and there’s a small locker beneath that.

The washroom has been designed with families in kind – the shower cubicle is huge. You could probably fit two kids in there at a time. It comes with its own light, operated via a pull switch.

Adults have to make up their bed but that’s a small sacrifice, however, when the bed is as easy to make up as the one here, with split backrests that allow you to turn everything over quickly onto the pull-out slats. That front make-up double bed is 2.02 x 1.7m, or use the sofas as 1.8 x 0.83m single beds. The fixed bunks at the back measure 1.83 x 0.57m, so are long enough for teenagers.

BUY IF… you want good value from a well-proven brand

Great family washroom
Good storage

You might want to add Diamond Pack

Read more in our Swift Sprite Major 6 caravan review

Adria Altea Aire 492DT 2020

STAR RATING – 4 out of 5

  • Price £19,395
  • Berth 2
  • MTPLM 1500kg
  • Shipping length 6.96m
  • Width 2.3m

Adria has given the Altea a bit of a lift for 2020 – the interiors have a lighter feel and a more contemporary design, and one layout we found of particular interest was the new two-berth Aire 492DT.

The lounge in the Aire could easily seat four or five. The large sunroof adds to the feeling of space, although we would have preferred a slightly longer front window.

The kitchen, on the offside, is fitted with a Thetford oven/grill, a microwave and Adria’s signature L-shaped three-burner hob and sink unit. The sink is a good size and there’s a slim fridge/freezer next to the wardrobe.

The generous and practical washroom has an electric-flush toilet on the offside, just by the oblique window, while the handbasin is centrally located, with brilliant storage below, two wall cupboards and a big mirror.

Seating in the lounge converts into a large and comfortable double bed, using slide-out bases. If you prefer, you can easily make up two singles here.

BUY IF… you want a well-equipped robust van

Excellent sunroof
High-quality build

No twin mains socket in kitchen

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Bailey Discovery D4-2 2020

STAR RATING – 4 out of 5

  • Price £16,199
  • Berth 2
  • MTPLM 995kg
  • Shipping length 5.61m
  • Width 2.23m

Bailey has worked hard to produce a simple yet distinctive profile. The curved front has a single portrait-style window, while the long Al-Ko drawbar has no fairing, but there is room for an optional Thule bike rack.

The D4-2 provides a fairly simplistic interior, as the price and weight suggest. The layout is traditional, with a front lounge, side kitchen and dresser opposite, plus end washroom; although the wardrobe is separate, so the washroom is positioned further into the corner.

The small L-shaped kitchen works well in the Discovery. It has a window and twin LED downlighters, plus overhead lockers with integrated lighting. You also get an oven with a three-burner hob. The small corner washroom has a Thetford electric-flush toilet and a shower.

The settees provide two 6ft 7in single beds, or convert easily into a double, using slats.

BUY IF… you’re after a compact, lightweight, reasonably priced tourer

Good seating

Small window

Read more in our Bailey Discovery D4-2 caravan review

Bailey Phoenix 440 2019

STAR RATING – 4 out of 5

  • Price £18,499
  • Berth 4
  • MTPLM 1316kg
  • Shipping length 6.88m
  • Width 2.21m

This revamped four-berth is sleek and modern, with the brand’s pared-down look and neat design touches. You only get an AKS 3004 stabiliser fitted as standard in the Phoenix 440. The ATC trailer control system is a dealer-fit cost option. But with an overall length of 6.88m, this is not the longest of caravans, and with our Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV tow car, we found the Phoenix a relatively easy tow, even on busy suburban roads.

The kitchen has a gas-only hob, which comes with a separate glass cover, and you get four burners. The square sink is a good size, too, and two mains sockets mean you could easily position a kettle or toaster behind it. You also get a separate oven and grill under the hob.

The shower cubicle at the far end of the rear washroom is a good height and width. The rear double bed is a good size – easily long enough for people well over 6ft in height, and wide enough for them, too. The two front settees would only work as single beds for small children; although they do come together as a comfortable, if slightly narrow, double bed.

BUY IF… you want a spacious four-berth with a good sized bed

Good-size bed
Excellent storage

Limited space in lounge

Read more in our Bailey Phoenix 440 caravan review

Lunar Ariva 2019

STAR RATING – 4 out of 5

  • Price £17,199
  • Berth 2
  • MTPLM 950kg
  • Shipping length 6.88m
  • Width 2.3m

A super-compact, lightweight tourer for two, the Ariva is a lightweight van well suited to the lighter new generation of tow cars. It’s built on an Al-Ko chassis with alloys, spare wheel and AKS hitch.

The lounge area, for example, feels surprisingly spacious, with excellent seating. Based on the firm’s well-proven end-kitchen layout, the Ariva manages to pack a lot into a relatively small space.

A full oven is fitted, along with a dual-fuel hob and a large stainless steel sink. At first glance, the corner washroom may not seem very modern; but when you take a closer look, you realise this well-designed area provides perfectly practical facilities.

The Ariva has two bed options: seating in the front lounge can be made up into two singles, although if you’ve over 6ft tall, they might prove a bit short. If you prefer to make up the double bed, the Ariva provides metal frames that simply pull out from each side to bridge the gap and easily convert the settees into a 6ft 1″ x 5ft 11″ bed.

BUY IF… you want a van with great spec that’s easy to store

Excellent kitchen
Great spec
Easy to stow and store

Looks a bit dated

Read more in our Lunar Ariva caravan review

Caravelair Antarès 406 2019

STAR RATING – 4 out of 5

  • Price £15,495
  • Berth 4
  • MTPLM 1150kg
  • Shipping length 5.51m
  • Width 2.1m

This budget four berth has an AKS 3004 stabiliser and shock absorbers.There’s no sunroof and the rear dinette is really best left to the children, because any sizeable adult could find it quite a squeeze getting into the rear seat here. It is well lit, however, with a large window and a second rooflight.

The side kitchen in the Antarès does have a dual-fuel hob, but it’s only a three-burner (two gas and one electric). The circular sink has a glass cover that is removable and underneath you get a Thetford Triplex combined oven and grill.

The rear corner washroom has a small steel handbasin, and the shower shares space with the toilet.

The double bed is made up by pulling out slats from under the middle of the ‘U’ at the front of the van. To make up the bunks at the rear of the van, you lower the clip-on table to the level of the seats for the lower bed, then pull up the fold-out bunk.

BUY IF… you’re looking for a compact, budget van

Excellent spec on the outside

Washroom is bare
Bed slats have poor finish

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Venus 550/4 2019

STAR RATING – 4 out of 5

  • Price £17,899
  • Berth 4
  • MTPLM 1320kg
  • Shipping length 7.2m
  • Width 2.21m

Significantly upgraded spec helped the revamped Venus 550/4 to win our Best Van for Small Families award in 2019. AWith a window as large as the one in the lounge, you might wonder why so many people opt for a three-window front panel.

The kitchen has a new Thetford K Series oven, complete with a dual-fuel four-burner hob with a safety cut-off in the lid, and a fan that is designed to keep the oven knobs cool. You also get a Russell Hobbs microwave.

In the end washroom a large salad-bowl-style handbasin sits under a mirror and over a good-sized storage cupboard and the large shower cubicle is unencumbered by any wheel arch.

The comfortable fixed beds are 6ft 2in long, so suitable for all but the very tallest. They each come with a little corner shelf and an individually switched, directional spotlight. The front sofas turn into single beds that are just 5ft long, so probably only suitable for younger children.

BUY IF… you want a comfortable van for a small family

Well-equipped kitchen
Directional spotlights under lockers

Flimsy partition for sleeping areas

Read more in our Venus 550/4 caravan review

Lunar Quasar 462 2019

STAR RATING – 4 out of 5

  • Price £18,499
  • Berth 2
  • MTPLM 1185kg
  • Shipping length 6.16m
  • Width 2.21m

In 2019 the Quasar range was given revamped interior décor, designed to offer style and sophistication for couples at mid-market prices. Here, we take a look at the Quasar 462, one of many models now on the market offering a more spacious end washroom.

The blue, mauve and white scheme  is soothing and calming, and a world away from the beiges and tans on offer elsewhere. The two settees are comfortable, and while it may not have the largest sunroof up front, but there is a huge rooflight down the centre of the van.

You get a dual-fuel four-burner hob and separate oven and grill – but only a three-way fridge. And while you also get a microwave, it takes up the whole of what would otherwise be a third overhead locker.

In the washroom, the salad-bowl handbasin is a good size, with a useful cupboard below. The shower is large, albeit with only one drainage hole and a single door.

Lunar is noted for providing beds that you can put together with pull-out platforms. You don’t have to worry about the housing for these platforms restricting access to the underseat areas, because Lunar includes internal access flaps as well. You could  use the two settees as single beds.

BUY IF… you want excellent comfort at good price

Good soft furnishings
Platform beds

Read washrooms good be roomier

Read more in our Lunar Quasar 462 caravan review

Bailey Phoenix 640 2019

STAR RATING – 4 out of 5

  • Price £18,499
  • Berth 4
  • MTPLM 1382kg
  • Shipping length 7.37m
  • Width 2.21m

Over the past decade,  Bailey has made several attempts to increase its foothold in the entry-level market, and the island-bed four-berth Phoenix 640 might just be the one to succeed.

The 640 rides on a galvanised steel Al-Ko chassis, and the stand-out feature of the front lounge is the vertical skylight which  lets plenty of light in.

The offside kitchen packs a decent specification, with four gas burners atop a separate oven and grill. Opposite this, you’ll find a 103-litre dual-fuel fridge with separate freezer compartment. In the washroom a fully lined shower compartment is accessed via a bi-fold door. A water-efficient Ecocamel showerhead is on standby for spray duty.

The island bed is 6ft 2in by 4ft 6in (1.88 x 1.4m), so should suit the needs of most touring couples. The foam mattress uses high-density Ozio filling, designed to offer comfort at low weights. Up front, the lounge offers a choice of 5ft 11in by 2ft 1in singles, or a make-up double measuring 6ft 2in by 4ft 7in.

BUY IF… you’re looking for a spacious four berth with a good size bed

Excellent storage

Limited space in lounge

Read more in our Bailey Phoenix 640 caravan review

• Prices correct at time of original reviews are subject to change

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