If you’re budget’s big enough and you’re able to buy a caravan over £30,000, your expectations are likely to be equally high. The Practical Caravan Awards 2022 are here to help you choose the best caravan over £30,000, and to pick out the model that provides style and luxury, as well as functionality and excellent build quality.

Our expert panel have worked tirelessly to pick out the best, as well as highlighting some of the other fantastic caravans in the over £30,000 price range from recent years.

The winner of the best caravan over £30,000 is…

Coachman Lusso II

Coachman Lusso II, Best Caravan over £30,000
  • Price: £44,150
  • MTPLM: 1960kg
  • MiRO: 1800kg

Buying a caravan that costs more than £40K is a significant investment, so we were expecting a lot from the winner. And the Coachman Lusso II delivers – with its well laid out, comfortable and spacious interior, it makes a great choice for those who want the comforts of home on the road.

The double axle Lusso II offers luxurious accommodation throughout – there’s a beautiful lounge with superior sprung upholstery, a large and extremely comfy fixed double bed, a top-spec kitchen with premium appliances and a smart washroom.

We particularly like the double glazed windows, accent lighting and roof mounted solar panel. A caravan that oozes quality.

Also on the shortlist for the best caravan over £30,000 are…

Adria Alpina Mississippi

Adria Alpina Mississippi
  • Price: £35, 585
  • Berths: 4
  • MiRO: 1708kg
  • MTPLM: 1900kg
  • Shipping length: 8.32m

The Alpina Mississippi is a luxury tourer that has generous amounts of living space thanks to its transverse fixed bed and a lounge that promises five-star comfort. Alde heating is standard, while the large sunroof opens up for extra ventilation.

Elddis Crusader Borealis

Elddis Crusader Borealis
  • Price: £32,099
  • Berths: 4
  • MiRO: 1641kg
  • MTPLM: 1800kg
  • Shipping length: 7.96m

The Crusader Borealis offers an L-shaped TV lounge area at the front and a rear island fixed bed, alongside a mid-luxury loo and shower. There’s plenty of storage, with the Crusader oozing style from every corner.

Bailey Alicanto Faro

Bailey Alicanto Faro
  • Price: £33,399
  • Berths 4
  • MiRO 1630kg
  • MTPLM: 1790kg
  • Shipping length: 7.86m

With its rear-end separate bedroom and transverse fixed bed, this Bailey is a real home from home. The L-shaped kitchen is well-equipped and has an excellent worktop, while the top specification includes such items as a 100-watt solar panel and an Al-Ko wheel lock for each axle.

Coachman Acadia 660 Xtra

Coachman Arcadia 660 Xtra
  • Price: £30,785
  • Berths: 5
  • MiRO: 1615kg
  • MTPLM: 1785kg
  • Shipping length: 7.89m

The Acadia 660 Xtra offers 8ft wide interior space; it’s also well-equipped for the price point and offers a quality build. The side-fixed bed and L-shaped front lounge are notable features, while the kitchen provides great storage.

Buccaneer Barracuda

Buccaneer Barracuda
  • Price: £38,699
  • Berths: 4
  • MiRO: 1831 kgs
  • MTPLM: 1990 kgs
  • Shipping length: 6.96 m

The Barracuda provides a luxury touring experience. With its L-shaped lounge and high-tech spec – including an auto self-levelling system – this is a tourer that offers all you could need.

We also recommend the following best caravans over £30,000 from recent years…

Coachman Laser Xcel 850 2019

Coachman Laser Xcel 850

STAR RATING – 4 out of 5

Price: £35,400
Berth: 4
MTPLM: 1927kg
Shipping length: 7.9m
Width: 2.44m

In 2019 this took the Best Luxury Tourer title in our annual awards and with its spacious bedroom and excellent washroom it’s easy to see why. Towing is made easier with the inclusion of Al-Ko’s ATC and an AKS 3004 stabiliser as standard and all Coachman Xcel models come with an E&P self-levelling system fitted as standard. A barbecue outlet is conveniently located on the front nearside corner.

There are parallel settees in the 850, with lots of daylight coming through the windows, the rooflight and the sunroof that still runs right across the width of the caravan, even in this 8ft-wide model. The two settees are not the longest you will come across, they would accommodate four people quite easily, but not many more.

The narrowness is probably a result of the layout, which needs to pack a lot into its 6.27m length. But the entrance doesn’t feel too spacious either, partly because Coachman has included an L-shaped kitchen unit, which rather protrudes into the floorspace.

The extra width provides a huge door to the central washroom. The shower on the nearside is circular and retains the useful clothes hook that Coachman introduced last year. It doesn’t have a roof vent, but it does include a large LED light and two sensibly placed shelves.

Not having wardrobes either side of the transverse bed adds to the sense of space in the rear bedroom. The bed can be rolled back for extra space. The front settees only work as single beds for those under 5ft tall, but they make a great double (using slats), thanks to the sprung upholstery.

BUY IF…  you’re looking for luxury and a spacious bedroom

Spacious bedroom
Well-planned washroom

Front lounge is a little cramped

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Hymer Nova 470GL 2019

Hymer Nova 470GL

STAR RATING – 4 out of 5

Price: £39,710
Berth: 2
MTPLM: 1800kg
Shipping length: 6.88m
Width: 2.3m

The build quality is the USP when it come to the Nova 470GL, it’s solid and well finished. It features Hymer’s couples’ layout, with a front lounge and end washroom, and can be plated to 1800kg, so it’s no lightweight.

It’s built on an Al-Ko chassis, complete with heavy-duty corner steadies, the chassis also has an extra-long A-frame. An AKS hitch is fitted, as well as ATC, and a cycle rack is placed at the front, too.

The front lounge area is bright and airy, with natural light flooding in through the window and sunroof. The kitchen on the offside is well equipped, and a full oven with a dual-fuel hob is placed next to the large stainless steel sink. There’s a fridge fitted opposite in the dresser, but a microwave isn’t standard.

End-washrooms are a selling point for some buyers, so the Hymer scores well here in many respects. The entrance door has a full-height mirror mounted on the back, and there is a small mirror above the handbasin. The shower cubicle is on the right as you walk in and the wardrobe is placed opposite.

The 470GL has the standard two-berth end-washroom layout, with front lounge, and it’s the lounge seating that converts into a bed.Making up the comfortable double bed is easily done, with a high-quality slatted system that is simple to operate. The bed converts quickly to a double, or you can use the twin settees as single beds.

BUY IF…  you’re after a solid build with a high-quality finish

Great build
End washroom

No window in the washroom

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Alaria TS 2019

Alaria TS

STAR RATING – 4.5 out of 5

Price: £33,799
Berth: 4
MTPLM: 1845kg
Shipping length: 7.88m
Width: 2.46m

With its stylish, high-quality interior, and this TS is ideal for couples wanting lots of space and luxury. TS stands for twin single beds, and it’s a popular layout that combines an end washroom and a spacious, L-shaped lounge.

The Alaria is on an Al-Ko chassis, with AKS hitch, plus ATC for added towing stability. A spare wheel is included, plus an on-board 40-litre water tank and alloy wheels. Al-Ko Wheel Secure is fitted as standard, as is a Status TV aerial.

The L-shaped lounge works well in this 8ft-wide configuration. It’s comfortable, very sociable, and comes with good overhead lockers for storage. The side kitchen has plenty of worktop, which includes an extending flap that makes this area very practical. For 2019, a new Thetford oven (with a Cramer extractor) was fitted, and the fridge/freezer placed opposite, with the Sharp microwave located above.

The washroom in the TS is spacious and well-equipped, with a sizeable wardrobe and an LED night-light.

To use the front double bed, you’ll need to make the L-shaped seating into a sleeping surface. But the front settee has a slide-out metal frame, so bed-making is pretty simple. The rear twin singles are over 6ft long, so most should find them comfortable.

BUY IF…  you want an elegant tourer, with a modern interior

Brilliant lighting

No solar panel

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Buccaneer Aruba 2019

Buccaneer Aruba

STAR RATING – 4 out of 5

Price: £33,499
Berth: 6
MTPLM: 1983kg
Shipping length: 8.16m
Width: 2.44m

This new model for 2019 was based on the tried-and-tested six berth from the Avante range and features a raft of luxury equipment, everything from a self-levelling system to cast iron pan stands, it’s a range for buyers who refuse to compromise.

All Buccaneer tourers are 8ft wide and run on Al-Ko chassis. Like the rest of the range, the Aruba is a twin-axle model.and at 8.16m in length, it’s good to know the ATC anti-snaking system comes as standard.

The Aruba’s galley is arranged in full on the nearside. A dual-fuel cooker to the left of the kitchen unit features cast-iron pan stands – a new touch for 2019. Underneath that, you’ll find a separate oven and grill, and next to the cooker there’s an oblong sink. There’s a decent amount of work surface to the right of the sink, and a trusty tip-up flap if more space is required.

The washroom is sited in the offside rear corner, but is arranged like an end washroom in all but orientation. The shower lining’s tiled effect confirms this tourer’s luxury credentials.

In addition to the Aruba’s rear French bed, which is 6ft 3in long, there’s a large make-up double at the front of the van, which measures 6ft 11in by 4ft 8in. Another two berths are on hand in the side dinette, in the form of a small double that measures 6ft 1in by 4ft 2in.

BUY IF… you want a well-designed and kitted-out tourer with a tried-and-tested layout

Superb spec makes the most of the floorplan
Plenty of storage,

You’ll need the likes of a Disco to tow an Aruba

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Vanmaster V640s 2017

Vanmaster V640s

STAR RATING – 4 out of 5

Price: £67,950
Berth: 4
MTPLM: 2500kg
Shipping length: 7.94m
Width: 2.3m

A big beast at a big price, the V640 is not one for the feinthearted, but setting it up won’t be much of a problem. The Al-Ko chassis is a special heavy-duty design and comes with ATC and an AKS hitch.

The front lounge area feels more like a five-star luxury hotel thanks to its comfortable upholstery, and the wood grain is the real deal, with no photo veneers.

If you like a plain, practical kitchen with tonnes of storage, you’ll find it here, and iit comes complete with Vanmaster bone china. A full oven from Thetford is fitted, plus a Thetford dual-fuel hob, which sits level with the Corian/Tristone special kitchen worktop. A microwave is fitted just above the kitchen to the right, in the overhead locker.

Centrally placed, the washroom comes with a shower on the nearside, and the loo and vanity unit opposite. It’s luxurious with excellent storage and, again, the wood furniture is very much in evidence.

It comes with twin single beds, which can be closed off from the main part of the caravan to give complete privacy. The front double dinette can be easily transformed into a sizeable double bed (2.08m x 1.62m) using pull-out seat extensions for the bed base, the cushions then slipping into place.

BUY IF…  you’re looking for super service and build quality and can afford it

Sturdily hand-built and looks distinctive
You get a good level of kit
Owners get great personal service

Heavy and expensive

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Buccaneer Galera 2017

Buccaneer Galera

STAR RATING – 4.5 out of 5

Price: £31699
Berth: 6
MTPLM: 2000kg
Shipping length: 8.14m
Width: 2.45m

This luxury six-berth is packed with features and a high spec, a great van for all the family.

It’s a big twin-axle tourer which rides on a BPW chassis with smart alloy wheels, and a Winterhoff hitch stabiliser plus an IDC electronic stability system.

The silver sidewall graphics really look the part, while the front and rear moulded panels are full-height and of a very smart appearance.

The lounge is a glamorous place to sit and enjoy the view, cossetted in the lap of luxury. There’s also a side dinette, where the family can sit during mealtimes

A well-specified kitchen is essential for six, and the Buccaneer Galera comes up with the goods. There is a Dometic fridge and separate freezer, a microwave, and a full Thetford Aspire oven with a gas and electric hob. Excellent worktop space is also a plus point, and includes an extension flap.

The corner washroom is a swish affair, even if it isn’t particularly large. Its separate shower cubicle has a mock-tile effect, giving it a domestic feel.

The settees in the front lounge can be used as single beds, but at 1.81m (5ft 11in) they aren’t overly long, so most users will no doubt make them into a double measuring 7ft x 4ft 9in. And making the side dinette into a second double is an easy task. The two fixed bunk beds at the rear each have a light, curtain and window, plus good headroom.

BUY IF…  you want an excellent specification

It is well-built with a high-quality feel
The kitchen area is superb

You need to use slats to make up the front double bed

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Note: prices correct at time of original reviews

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