If you’re looking for a way to easily manoeuvre your caravan into position, look no further than a mover. It will not only make parking easier but can also increase security, as you can turn the caravan around and have the hitch facing your garage. So how do you pick the best caravan mover for you?

Luckily, that’s where the Practical Caravan Awards 2022 come in. With our decades of collective experience within the industry, we’re perfectly placed to help you choose which caravan mover is the best for you.

The winner of the best caravan mover is…

Purple Line Quattro Titanium Caravan Mover

Purpleline Quattro Titanium Caravan Mover, Best Caravan Motor Mover

Traditionally, caravan movers are fairly heavy bits of kit – although they’re extremely useful for helping you pitch up quickly and easily onsite, the downside is the chunk of payload they’ll swallow.

But the Quattro Titanium manages to pack a lot of features into a compact, lightweight package, saving (according to its manufacturer, Purple Line) up to 10kg over its competitors. Hollow cast-alloy rollers, a tailor-made crossbar and a lightweight alloy body result in the Quattro Titanium weighing just 23kg, despite featuring two motors.

Dual-wheel engagement also means that it can be fully engaged from either side of the caravan, and the modular system, featuring soft-start, means that it can be used on single, twin or AWD installations. Retro-fit upgrades are also available, so you can move to all-wheel-drive at any time.

All in all, this is a great combination of power, light weight and performance at a price that’s right.

Price: from around £720 at Purple Line

The other standout caravan movers are…

Powrtouch Freedom

Powrtouch Freedom

If you’re looking to achieve millimetre precision when you’re manoeuvering your caravan, the Powrtouch Freedom could be the mover for you. This device allows you to effortlessly change direction as you move without having to stop, thanks to its fluid movement control.

With a weight of 35kg and capable of moving a 1,500kg caravan on a 1 in 4 slope, the mover is a reliable device that promises longevity to caravan owners, thanks to a 5 year guarantee.

Price: from £649 at Powrtouch

Truma Mover XT4

Truma Mover XT4

Providing you with directional stability on every surface, this Truma has some very useful features that increase the safety as you drive, thanks to the automatic stop function and roll-back block.

The mover comes with Truma Dynamic MoveTechnology, which lets you operate with precision, and makes it a simple matter to park twin-axle caravans of up to 3100kg. The presence of the remote control is another useful feature – the slide control lets you accelerate and the control knob allows you to steer.

Price: from £3,740 at Truma

Powrtouch Evolution

Powrtouch Evolution

Caravan manoeuvres could almost be classed as a pleasure with this mover. Providing you with excellent turning capabilities, the Powrtouch Evolution offers versatility to suit your needs, coming as both a manual and an auto.

There are also several different models available, allowing you to find the one that is appropriate for your caravan, ranging from the Single Axle up to 2000kg to the Twin Axle Manual Engage 4 Motor Drive which can move twin axle caravans of up to 2800kg on a 1 in 4 slope. Like the Powrtouch Freedom, this 35kg model also comes with a 5 year guarantee.

Price: from £825 at Powrtouch

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