At this time of year, the idea of a relaxing evening spent in the caravan watching television is very appealing. A key component here will be having the best caravan TV for your setup. However, you may find yourself wondering what exactly is the best TV for your caravan – luckily, we’re here to help.

We roundup some of the best caravan TVs currently on the market, including models from Avtex, Cello and Sharp, so you don’t miss out on your favourite television shows when you’re on tour…

How do I choose the best TV for my caravan?

One of the key considerations here will be whether you stay at sites with a hook-up. If you do, you probably don’t need to get a specialist 12v television, and could instead look at getting a more standard 240v model to do the job. However, if you’re going off-grid or don’t have the guarantee of hook-up, a 12v TV is the answer. 

You’ll also want to consider size too – after all, you’re not going to want a 40-inch TV taking up half your caravan. In this guide, we’re looking at models that range from 16-24-inches, giving you a good picture without sticking out or dominating your living space.

Find out more about how to choose the best TV for your caravan in our ultimate guide to watching television in your tourer.

What is the best TV for a caravan?

These are our choices for the best TVs for your caravan – the models we’ve selected all have 12v capabilities, so you can choose the setup that suits you best when you’re planning a holiday and are out on tour.

Ferguson F2420RTSF12volt

Ferguson F2420RTSF12volt

Image courtesy of Ferguson

Screen size: 24-inches
Dimensions: 550 (W) x 153 (D) x 353 (H) mm (with stand) / 550 (W) x 82 (D) x 324 (H) mm (without stand)
Weight: 2.75kg
Voltage: 12v adapter included

This 24-inch TV from Ferguson is smart in every sense of the word. Coming with a 12 volt adapter and including both Freeview and Freeview HD, this HD ready LED TV also has a HDMI slot and two USB slots. These useful addition means you have the option of bringing along and plugging in extra devices, such as a console or external hard drive to use while on tour.

Built-in Wi-Fi will make accessing and watching the pre-loaded streaming services – including BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Netflix and Prime Video – an easy affair too.

Do bear in mind that with this Ferguson, you cannot download any additional applications.


Avtex L168DRS

The Avtex L168DRS with a DVD sticking out of the in-built DVD player

Image courtesy of Avtex

Screen size: 16-inches
Dimensions: 235 (H) x 376 (W) x 44 (D) mm
Weight: 1.6kg
Voltage: 12v / 24v (DC) or 240v AC
Price: £299.99

You can’t go wrong with Avtex, as this 16-inch model proves. The television has 12, 24 and 240 voltage options, allowing you to switch between whatever best suits your needs at the time. To connect to Freeview and Satellite, you will need to be connected to an aerial or dish, but thanks to two built-in tuners, you don’t need to worry about a decoder box.

Two HDMI and USB slots provide some useful options, as you can bring additional devices along to plug in. The presence of an in-built DVD and CD player means watching a film or listening to music has never been easier. 

Something we really love about this Avtex is its weight – only 1.6kg, the TV will be easy to move around your caravan to ensure you can watch it wherever you are.


Cello 19″ inch ZRTMF0291

Cello 19" inch ZRTMF0291 with DVD sticking out of built-in DVD player

Image courtesy of Cello

Screen size: 19-inches
Dimensions: 446 x 160 x 322 mm (with stand) / 446 x 46 x 266 mm (without stand)
Weight: 4.1kg
Voltage: 12v / 240v

This 12v Cello is another brilliant TV to consider for your caravan. Miracast is a useful feature that can be used to wirelessly share your mobile screen with the TV so you can watch any apps you have downloaded, while the built-in DVD player is ideal for cosy film nights.

HDMI and USB ports ensure you can add an external hard drive, while the satellite tuner will offer a hassle-free way of plugging in your satellite dish and accessing your favourite channels. 


Falcon 19″ HD Travel TV

Falcon 19" HD Travel TV

Image courtesy of Falcon

Screen size: 19-inches
Dimensions: 439 (W) x 268 (H) x 52 (D) mm (without stand) / 439 (W) x 305 (H) 154 (D) mm (with stand)
Weight: 3.4kg (including stand)
Voltage: 12v / 24v / 240v

Something we like about the Falcon is the Bluetooth connectivity it provides. This means you can easily connect it to wireless speakers or headphones to instantly upgrade the experience. But that’s not the only feature in this HD LED TV, with this 19-inch having built-in Freeview so you can catch up with your favourite television shows (do note you’ll need a separate antenna for this though).

You can also watch terrestrial services such as Freesat thanks to the satellite receiver, while the two HDMI and a USB slot provide extra functionality too. 

Avtex 199DSFVP

Avtex 199DSFVP with the FreeviewPlay log on screen

Image courtesy of Avtex

Screen size: 19.5-inches
Dimensions: 448 (W) x 257 (H) x 46 (D) mm (without stand)
Weight: 2.5kg (with stand)
Voltage: 12v / 24v DC or 240v AC

Another Avtex model on the list and another standout candidate for the best caravan TV. Pre-loaded with applications, you can access many of your favourites, including BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and FreeviewPlay. The manufacturer will continue to release updates too, that will add to those on offer. The compact TV comes with Wi-Fi built-in but even if you have no internet available in your caravan, you can still use an aerial to watch TV in HD. 

The built-in satellite decoder saves the hassle of bringing a decoder box, while the Avtex again has two HDMI and two USB slots, ensuring you can use your TV to play games or plug in extra devices to watch saved shows.


Sharp 1T-C24DH2KG2FM

Screen size: 24-inches
Dimensions:  553.9 x 329.2 x 45.1 (W x H x D in mm)
Weight: 3.2kg
Voltage: 12 / 24v

This 24-inch model from Sharp is another great television to consider for your caravan. This Smart HD ready TV will ensure you don’t risk missing the latest episode of your Netflix binge. This 24v/12v model can be wirelessly connected with your mobile, while the sound system offers brilliant quality. You can also access all of your favourite apps thanks to Aquos Net, including BBC iPlayer, Youtube, Prime Video and Netflix, while Freeview Play will let you watch live TV, as well as catching up on shows you may have missed. 

Two HDMI and USB slots ensure you have the flexibility of bringing consoles or similar with you too.

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