Buccaneer might have been under the Explorer Group banner since 1999, but it has its own identity and its caravans feature an all-singing, all-dancing specification.

The big news for 2017 has been the switch over from GRP sides to aluminium with a silver finish, and a new profile.

The 8ft width has been retained, but although the brand is still mainly for couples, Buccaneer now has a six-berth built to the usual standards.

Now, we’re aware that not a lot of families can afford a super-luxury caravan costing around £32k, but this is where grandparents might step in.

The Galera is ideal for grandma and grandpa to whisk away the grandkids for a weekend or longer, yet the tourer retains a luxury ambience.

The new model offers a section at the rear with fixed bunks, so grandparents or parents can have the rest of the van to themselves.

So is this a layout that has potential? Or will most buyers opt for the fixed-bed, four-berth options?

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