Looking for a family caravan, or a couples’ van with extra space for overnight visitors, should you have guests? The Practical Caravan Awards 2022 are here to help! Our team of experts have used our decades of collective experience to judge the best 4 berth caravan on the market, as well as revealing our shortlisted choices, and our other top recommendations from recent years.

The winner of the best 4 berth caravan is…

Adria Adora Tiber

Best-4-berth caravan, Practical Caravan Awards 2022
  • Price: £28,585
  • MTPLM: 1800-1900kg (depending on whether you go for a chassis upgrade)
  • MIRO: 1610kg

With its extra-large in-line panoramic window and stylish interior, it’s no surprise that the Adora Tiber came out on top. Adria’s caravans are full of smart design touches such as alloy wheels, wind diffusers and easy access storage that make all the difference when it comes to a purchasing decision.

It also has an AL-Ko chassis with AKS stabiliser coupling. The Adora range has four layouts, with the Tiber offering a rear bed central washroom. Inside, the smart lighting, well-equipped kitchen and supremely comfortable bed are huge plus points, and the washroom is well laid out and well featured.

We also like the little extras such as bluetooth amplifier, USB ports and the easy to use digital control panel.

Also on the shortlist for best 4 berth caravan are…

Adria Alpina Colorado

  • Price: £35,585
  • Berths: 4
  • MIRO: 1766kg
  • MTPLM: 2000kg
  • Shipping length: 8.24m

The Colorado is ideal for four, with the twin beds perfect for children and the grown-ups able to use the front lounge. Well-suited for all-year-round use, it also features a large front opening sunroof.

Swift Challenger 560

  • Price: £27,495
  • Berths: 4
  • MIRO: 1394kg
  • MTPLM: 1550kg
  • Shipping length: 7.54m

One of the most stylish looking tourers on the UK market, the Challenger 560 is a real head turner. It offers a rear-end island fixed bed with a mid-placed washroom and a large front lounge area, ideal for four to sit in comfort.

Review: Swift Challenger 560

Bailey Discovery D4-4

Bailey Discovery D4-4
  • Price: £19,399
  • Berths: 4
  • MIRO: 1059kg
  • MTPLM: 1206kg
  • Shipping length: 7.14m

The Discovery is distinctive and light in weight, ideal for a family with a smaller tow car. It offers a side-fixed double bed and a practical rear-end washroom. The front lounge holds four comfortably, where a large window allows plenty of natural light to flood in.

Review: Bailey Discovery D4-4

Bailey Unicorn Vigo

  • Price: £27,799
  • Berths: 4
  • MIRO: 1430kg
  • MTPLM: 1600kg
  • Shipping length: 7.34m

Brand new for 2022, the revised Unicorn is the best yet. Features of note include the stylish front window, the transverse fixed bed end washroom and the front lounge, which easily converts into a double bed.

Hobby Maxia 495 UL

  • Price £29,595
  • Berths 4
  • MIRO 1450kg
  • MTPLM 1750kg
  • Shipping length 7.20m

The Maxia makes a comfortable 4 berth with a well designed centre washroom, while the roof locker storage is another great – and practical – feature. The tourer has fixed front single beds plus a rear L-shaped lounge area.

Bailey Phoenix Plus 642

Bailey Phoenix Plus 642
  • Price: £21,699
  • Berths: 4
  • MIRO: 1255kg
  • MTPLM: 1410kg
  • Shipping length: 7.37m

Fixed twin beds and a front double make this a great tourer for four. With its lightweight build, the 642 is a great choice for those wanting a 4 berth with an upmarket spec – at an affordable price.

We also recommend the following 4 berth caravans from recent years

These are some of the best 4 berth caravans from recent years, as picked by our team of experts.

Elddis Osprey 550 Special Edition (2020)

Elddis Osprey 550
  • Price £21,899
  • Berths 4
  • MiRO 1259kg
  • MTPLM 1412kg
  • Payload 153kg
  • Length 7.39m
  • Width 2.26m

If you’re looking for a luxury 4 berth caravan, this should definitely be on your shortlist. It’s a dealer special from Raymond James, based in Warwickshire, based on the popular Elddis Avanté 550, which features a longitudinal island bed and a cleverly designed en-suite washroom. 

It includes a lot of enhancements, including a Stargazer rooflight, an external barbecue point and carpeting, to name but a few. The kit level in this van is really impressive.

This caravan is ideal for couples that may have occasional guests looking for a caravan with more space and luxury touches, and it looks good, too. It’s not perfect, though – kitchen storage may be tight for a family of four on tour, and if you’re using the lounge sofas as singles, they come up a little short. 

Check our comprehensive review of the Elddis Osprey 550 Special Edition to find out more of this caravan’s many attributes.


Bailey Unicorn Black Edition Vigo (2020)

Bailey Unicorn Black Edition Vigo
  • Price £24,999
  • Berths 4
  • MiRO 1344kg
  • MTPLM 1499kg
  • Payload 155kg
  • Length 7.36m
  • Width 2.28m

Bailey has refreshed their luxury Unicorn range this season, making it more stylish and luxurious than ever. This particular model is great for a couple as well as a larger group, and the upgrades have made it sportier, with a lot of the major changes happening on the outside. 

This model boasts a transverse island bed and a rear washroom – a popular layout for couples. It’s not quite top of the range, but it certainly has some high-end touches, and the large kitchen is particularly appealing. 

One slight downside is that the front double is made up with pull-out slats, but if you’re only using it occasionally, this shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

Find out if this caravan could be suitable for you in our full review of the Bailey Unicorn Black Edition Vigo.


Coachman Laser Xcel 850 (2019)

Coachman Laser Xcel 850
  • Price £35,400
  • Berths 4
  • MiRO 1767kg
  • MTPLM 1927kg
  • Payload 160kg
  • Length 7.9m
  • Width 2.44m

The Coachman Laser Xcel 850 boasts our Best Luxury Tourer award from our 2019 Tourer of the Year Awards.

This model joins the 8ft-wide club on a twin-axle, and makes great use of the extra space with a spacious bedroom and a well-planned washroom. The front lounge has parallel settees and plenty of daylight from the windows, rooflight and sunroof, making it very pleasant for lounging and a spacious make-up double. 

There’s an L-shaped kitchen unit, and an impressive central washroom that boasts plenty of storage space, a window, and a circular shower with a useful clothes hook. 

It’s not the lightest 4 berth caravan you’ll find, but it is very well kitted out. 


Sprite Super Quattro EB (2020)

Sprite Super Quattro
  • Price £22,400
  • Berths 4
  • MiRO 1500kg
  • MTPLM 1705kg
  • Payload 205kg
  • Length 7.98m
  • Width 2.46m 

This new addition to Sprite’s entry-level range is a great option for families, with a family-friendly layout in an 8ft-wide tourer. We’d recommend adding the Diamond Pack, though, to make sure you’ve got all the stabilising assistance you can get, as it’s fairly hefty. 

The extra space gives the opportunity to include a comfortable fixed bed, although you may miss having a second dinette where the kids could hang out. 

Design-wise, this caravan has a lot going for it, including a bright and family-friendly lounge, a surprisingly well-equipped kitchen for an entry-level caravan, and a sliding partition door to create separate sleeping spaces. 

Read more about the Sprite Super Quattro EB in our full review to find out if it could be your ideal family van. 


Adria Altea Dart 622DP (2020)

Adria Altea Dart 622DP
  • Price £20,195
  • Berths 4
  • MiRO 1539kg
  • MTPLM 1500kg
  • Payload 157kg
  • Length 8.29m
  • Width 2.29m 

This new model in Adria’s entry-level Altea range is a worthy addition to the line-up, with revamped interiors and an improved kit-level. 

The layout features a lounge with wrap-around seating that can be made up into a comfortable double, a kitchen with excellent storage and an improved kit level, a mid-ships split washroom including a one-piece sealed shower unit, and a fixed island bed in the rear bedroom. 

The island bed offers plenty of storage, and overall, this caravan has plenty of space for a family of four going on tour, although we do expect it to be more suitable for couples looking for a bit of extra space. 

To find out why, read our full review of the Adria Altea Dart 622DP.


Swift Challenger X 880 (2020)

Swift Challenger X 880
  • Price £28,765
  • Berths 4
  • MiRO 1481kg
  • MTPLM 1642kg
  • Payload 161kg
  • Length 7.54m
  • Width 2.45m 

Adding to the 8ft-wide offering from Swift, the Challenger X line-up features this model that boasts a transverse fixed bed. It also happens to be one of the best-looking caravans on the market, and is roomy enough for a family of four. 

The amount of storage and well-planned kitchen make this a great option, however ATC is not included as standard. You’ll also want to keep an eye on the payload. There’s a Lux Pack that adds some great features, though. 

There’s no option of single beds in the front lounge, as the sofas are a little short, but it does make up into a huge double bed. The stand-out feature is that all-important fixed transverse bed; the Duvalay foam mattress makes it very comfortable.

Find out more about the Swift Challenger X 880 in our independent review. 


Bailey Alicanto Grande Sintra (2020)

Bailey Alicanto Grande Sintra
  • Price £28,499
  • Berths 4
  • MiRO 1441kg
  • MTPLM 1624kg
  • Payload 155kg
  • Length 7.38m
  • Width 2.45m 

If you’re looking for ‘wow’ factor, this could be the caravan of your dreams.

It benefits from being one of three new 8ft-wide caravans in Bailey’s Alicanto range, with a transverse island bed and a spacious end washroom that make it perfect for families of four, or couples that want some extra space and options for overnight visitors. 

This model has a comfortable lounge, a functional kitchen and a very spacious washroom.

Bear in mind the tow car limitations, and this could be the perfect seasonal or touring caravan for many couples and families.

Read about the details of the Bailey Alicanto Grande Sintra in our full review of the 2020 model. 


Knaus Sport Silver 400LK (2019)

Knaus Sport Silver
  • Price £16,499
  • Berths 4
  • MiRO 900kg
  • MTPLM 1100kg
  • Payload 200kg
  • Length 5.99m
  • Width 2.32m 

Those looking for an ultra lightweight family caravan would be foolish to overlook the Knaus Sport Silver 400LK. It’s surprising how much versatility can be fitted into a sub-6m caravan. 

The weights of this caravan certainly offer it up to a larger market, but it’s the build quality and reasonable price that really sell it.

It’s a good value van with two dinettes, a comfortable lounge, a compact side kitchen and a well-finished washroom as well as the comfortable rear single bed that has a fold-down bunk above it and the make-up double in the front lounge. 

There are more details in our full review of the Knaus Sport Silver 400LK which, although it was slightly lower in our star-rating, still makes a great starter caravan for families with a limited budget. 


Lunar Venus 550/4 (2019)

Lunar Venus 550 4
  • Price £17,899
  • Berths 4
  • MiRO 1166kg
  • MTPLM 1320kg
  • Payload 154kg
  • Length 7.2m
  • Width 2.21m 

This end-washroom model from Lunar benefits from a significantly upgraded spec, helping it to be selected as our Best Van for Small Families in last years’ Tourer of the Year Awards. 

It’s a great van for a small family with a limited budget, with a surprisingly well-equipped kitchen. It even has some stylish upgrades, such as the Skyview rooflight and up-to-date furnishings.

Find out more about this family-friendly caravan in our full review of the Venus 550/4


Coachman Acadia 675 (2020)

Coachman Acadia 675
  • Price £25,400
  • Berths 4
  • MiRO 1555kg
  • MTPLM 1715kg
  • Payload 160kg
  • Length 7.9m
  • Width 2.26m 

This caravan is new in Coachman’s 2020 range, and it’s nice to see them bringing this popular layout into a lower price bracket. This twin-axle would make an ideal seasonal tourer, with lots of space and a large kitchen to boot. 

With a comfortable transverse bed at the rear, and an easy to set up front double, accommodating a family of four shouldn’t be a problem.

Read our full review of the Coachman Acadia 675 to find out more. 

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