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Best caravan awnings

We give every new caravan awning a thorough review and tough going over once a year in our awnings tests. Here is a round-up of some of the best caravan awnings we have seen in recent years.

Even if you have a large and spacious caravan, putting up an awning can make all the difference to your stay on a caravan park. They can provide extra living or sleeping space, or even somewhere that feels just a little bit more outside without actually being exposed to the elements. At the very least they can give you a bit more storage space.

We give every new caravan awning a thorough review and tough going over once a year in our awnings tests. Here is a round-up of some of the best caravan awnings we have seen in recent years.

Best caravan awnings

2020 Isabella Air Cirrus North 400

STAR RATING 4 out of 5

The winner of our most recent Awning of the Year award, the Cirrus North is the first inflatable awning to be produced under the Isabella name. Until now, the Danish company has allowed sister company Ventura to take up all the increasing demand for air awnings, leaving Isabellas as one of the last remaining pole-only brands. So this really is something of a departure.
As you might expect, this being Isabella, this awning isn’t cheap, but at £1990 it’s not quite as expensive as we had feared. The acrylic material used is the same the company uses for its top-of-the-range pole models, while the roof is UV-resistant polyester. Although it is single inflation, with a large pump that includes an electric setting, you can clearly shut sections off if there is a problem.

  • Price £1,990
  • Pros Quality materials used throughout
  • Cons None
  • Width 275cm
  • Length 400cm

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2020 Vango Maldives

STAR RATING 4 out of 5

The caravan awning market is currently split between inflatable and pole models, but Vango’s new Maldives makes the most of both technologies. The main structure relies on air beams in the roof and the walls but steel poles at the front give a better shape.
The overall layout is a bit quirky too, being hexagonal rather than rectangular. But the awning is still no more than 300cm deep.
Five of those six sides can include a removable panel too, so on a hot day you can really let the air in. There is a 60/40 split in the door panels too, so on a blustery day you only need to open the door a little way for access. The list of accessories is impressive too.

  • Price £900
  • Pros Striking design
  • Cons Roof can be a bit billowy
  • Width 300cm
  • Length 400cm

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Dorema Daytona Air

STAR RATING 4 out of 5

Air awnings are not always suitable for seasonal pitches, because the changes in air temperature and thus pressure over long periods could affect the performance of the air beams.
Still. Dorema is aiming this new full-size awning at such a market, and we were impressed with what we saw. With a conventional design that features two front door panels and four side panels, unusually it also includes roof beams that extend all the way into the canopy up front, as well as two poles across the top of the front panel to give extra stability.
The awning is made of Tencate Residential fabric, a coated polyester that is known for being able to cope with all weathers.

  • Price £1299
  • Pros Fabric quality
  • Cons Quite bulky
  • Width 240cm
  • Length 75cm

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2019 Vango Vienna

STAR RATING 4 out of 5

The last but one winner of our Awning of the Year award winners should be able to stay up in all weathers because it is made of Tencate Residential fabric throughout – not just on the roof.
Its extra wide air beams are pre-angled, a design Vango says makes the structure more stable in high winds.
They also provide an opportunity for more skylights in the roof, so the interior never feels gloomy.
The design looks more conventional than you would expect in an air awning, with a canopy and a more box-like shape. Best of all, when you come to put it away, you will find that Vango has deliberately designed the bag to be too big, so no more split nails trying to get it all back in.

  • Price £2100
  • Pros Extra headroom
  • Cons Pricey
  • Width 300cm
  • Length 400cm

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2019 Sunncamp Icon Air


Three years in development, the Icon Air is an unusual 325cm deep, and if you go for the optional annexes it may be even deeper because they attach at an angle.
The awning is made of Sunncamp’s own specification 300-denier polyester, which has a 6000mm hydrostatic head – so is above average in terms of being waterproof.
Despite the extra depth, as a full awning the Icon Air is still relatively lightweight, although our test model still weighed 43kg, so you might need to detach some panels before you start hauling it through the awning rail. It has a single inflation system accessed from four different points, which are thoughtfully covered up.

  • Price £1264
  • Pros Lightweight – for a full awning
  • Cons Only one verandah pole as standard

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Outwell Cove 340A

STAR RATING 4 out of 5

New in 2019, this porch awning is part of Outwell’s Nordic Coast system, with a design inspired by the Danish coast and featuring Outwell’s single inflation point Power Air system and its Outer Peak polyester fabric that has a perfectly acceptable 3000mm hydrostatic head.The roof beams are pre-shaped, to give you more standing room inside.
Unfortunately you don’t get the option of an annexe with this range – you have to go for Outwell’s next range up.
But the awning does come with handy pads that you can use to improve the seal if the edge of the awning where it meets the caravan cuts across a window. You can also use them to put under the beams on the ground to level them out.
Tinted windows aid privacy, while reflective storm straps are a handy safeguard.

  • Price £550
  • Pros Innovative touches
  • Cons No optional annex
  • Width 340cm
  • Length 250cm

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2019 Bradcot MODUL-AiR 330

STAR RATING 4 out of 5

If you can’t decide whether you want a porch or full awning, then the MODUL-AiR 330 could be the awning for you. It works as a porch awning but also includes an extension to make it a full awning. These two parts come in separate bags, so you can leave the extension behind if you know you aren’t going to use it. You can even buy the extension separately to save money. It is still single inflation – but for each of the parts.
Of course, such a system does take some getting used to, so the first few times you put it up you might take longer than expected as you have to work out what goes where. But the awning is made of reliable Tencate fabric with a PVA coating that absorbs water, so you don’t need a roof lining.
As an added bonus, the pegging anchors along the bottom can be moved so you can avoid any stones you might come across in the ground.

  • Price £1677
  • Pros Flexibility and secure pegging
  • Cons Accessories are a bit limited
  • Width 260cm
  • Length 570cm

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Kampa Club Air Pro 390 Plus

STAR RATING 4 out of 5

The Plus in this mouthful of a name refers to the extension that turns this inflatable porch awning into something much bigger. It can fit either side of the main awning, and doesn’t need to be attached to the awning rail to stay up, so it’s a great solution if you only have an average-size caravan.
You can use this extension as an extra storage area, or, with an optional inner, as an extra bedroom. It also has a windowed back wall you can open if you need to get at the caravan’s external lockers.
The main fabric is 300 denier with an impressive 6,000mm hydrostatic head. It’s also polycotton, which should make the interior a lot pleasanter to live in than with some ot the cheaper polyester materials – especially as the roof beams are pre-angled too, for greater headroom.
Since this awning was launched, Kampa – the UK market leader in inflatable awnings – has become part of the even mightier Dometic group.

  • Price £1750
  • Pros Clever extension and excellent headroom
  • Cons With its many options it can be heavy
  • Width 275cm
  • Length 580cm

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2019 Isabella Ambassador Dawn

STAR RATING 4 out of 5

So called because it is inspired by the grey mist that meets you at dawn, this pole-only awning is part of a range that has been produced by Isabella for over 30 years, so it has some standing.
It comes with steel poles as standard, which are recommended if you plan to use the awning for a seasonal pitch, although carbon fibre poles are an option if you want to save weight.
The Isacryl has four opening panels – one on each side, and two on the front, each of which you can also roll back to make a door. Alternatively, in hot weather you can remove the both front panels and replace them with a mosquito mesh.
And while the price may seem high, Isabella also offers an alteration service on this awning, in case you change to a caravan that is slightly bigger or smaller. It’s not free, but it is a fraction of the cost of buying a whole new awning.

  • Price £1679
  • Pros Alteration service
  • Cons It’s still pricey
  • Width 250cm
  • Length 650cm

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2018 Trigano Panoramic 410

STAR RATING 4 out of 5

The Trigano Group is a mighty multinational that owns a whole stack of caravan and motorhome brands across Europe – but these awnings, reintroduced into the UK market in 2018, are currently the only product in the stable that actually bears the Trigano name. They were previously known a Eurovent.
Unusually with the Panoramic you inflate separate pods which then are fitted into the beams. It’s not as laborious to put up as that sounds, and Trigano says using such a system makes replacing any damaged part much easier.
The 300 denier ripstop polyester fabric has an amazingly waterproof 10,000mm hydrostatic head, so you should keep dry even in the harshest of UK gales.
The 410 haa three panels at the front, the middle one of which can be opened to form a door. There are also two side doors wide enough to accommodate someone on a mobility scooter – so with no trip hazards.

  • Price £1019
  • Pros Great fabric and headroom
  • Cons There could possibly be more accessories
  • Width 290cm
  • Length 510cm

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Caravan awnings provide extra living or sleeping space, or even somewhere that feels just a little bit more outside without actually being exposed to the elements