Even if you own a large and spacious tourer, having the best caravan awning can make all the difference to your campsite experiences. It can provide extra living or sleeping space, or even somewhere that feels just a little bit more outside without actually being exposed to the elements.

At the very least they can give you a bit more storage space, which even the best caravans can need.

So, how do you choose the right awning for you? That’s where the Practical Caravan Awards 2024 come in. We’ve used our decades of collective experience to pick out the standout caravan awning on the market for the 2024 season, as well as revealing our other top choices. We also share the products that made the shortlist last year as well, although if you’re looking specifically for an air awning, be sure to check out our best caravan air awning guide too.

This year, we’ve picked the Telta Soul as the best awning for a caravan – we like the innovation it provides, thanks to its Nylon fabric, as well as features like the front of the roof being higher than usual.

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The best caravan awning is:

Telta Soul
The Telta Soul

Telta Soul

Reason to buy:

  • Nylon fabric makes surfaces look neater

Reason to avoid:

  • Still a new name in this market

Telta is a relatively new company founded by the people behind Kampa. It has a strong commitment to innovation, which includes having its awnings made of nylon rather than more conventional polyethylene (except the outer curve at the bottom, which is PVC to make cleaning easier). Nylon has better elasticity, which means the tubes in our winner of the best caravan awning category can be blown up to a higher pressure, resulting in a more rigid finish.

That’s ideal for a seasonal caravan pitch awning, which is perhaps what the Soul range is all about. Each of its front panels can be removed, lowered or rolled back, and all of its windows are dressed with traditional curtains. The awning comes with a front canopy, while the front of the roof is higher than usual to allow for more headroom.

Price: from £2,110

On our shortlist for the best caravan awning are:

Isabella Nordic
The Isabella Nordic

Isabella Nordic

Reason to buy:

  • A great addition to your all-year-round pitch

Reason to avoid:

  • If you don’t tour all year round, it’s probably too expensive

Isabella’s newest awning, available at 240cm and 300cm depths, is harking back to the Danish company’s poled awning roots and is very much aimed at caravanners looking for a seasonal pitch. The Nordic has a strong PVC roof and double mudflaps also made of tough PVC. But the fully interchangeable front panels are made of Isacryl, a highly weatherproof fabric Isabella has developed that is also breathable and easy to clean. The interior is well ventilated thanks to both standard vents in the roof and ventilation strips further down that you can zip closed if need be.

Given that this is a caravan awning for a seasonal pitch, Isabella has also taken the trouble to include external blinds on the windows. These keep the sun’s rays out to reduce fading, but should also deter any prying eyes while you are away from the site. You can also opt for a solar powered lamp to be fitted at the front of the awning.

Price: from £2208

Westfield Galaxy XL 2.0
The Westfield Galaxy XL 2.0

Westfield Galaxy XL 2.0

Reason to buy:

  • A great seasonal pitch awning you can carry easily

Reason to avoid:

  • The price

The Galaxy is the flagship range produced by Germany brand Westfield and imported into this country by Quest Leisure, now part of Miriad Products. This new single point inflation awning comes in two depths –  250cm and 300cm.

It has a Tencate all-season roof and Mehler Airtex panels that have mesh ventilation windows. For this season it has been updated and colourways and styling, improved tubes and sleeves, and a new design door that easily clips back onto a panel if you want to keep it open. To make carrying the thing easier, it comes in two bags!

Price: from £3199

Sunn Camp Ultima Pro Air
The Sunn Camp Ultima Pro Air

Sunn Camp Ultima Pro Air

Reason to buy:

  • An updated version of an already popular model

Reason to avoid:

  • Looks very like an air awning, with a “lean to” shape

The Pro Air 260 and Ultima Pro Air 390, along with the associated Ultima Pro Annexe, are a new higher specced version of the company’s existing Versara Air 260 and 390 awnings. These new models are now made of 300 denier Pro-tek fabric with dual beading (7.2mm and 4.2mm). They are also designed with a dual height system so that they can be swapped between a caravan and a motorhome. The right-fitting annexe uses the same fabric and comes with an inner tent as standard.

Price: TBC

The caravan awnings we shortlisted last year are:

There are some other great options out there – here you can see our pick of the best caravan awnings from last year. Anyone heading to the October NEC Show will also be able to see a variety of awnings on display, with our preview talking you through some of the brands you can expect to see there.

Westfield Galaxy

The Westfield Galaxy awning

Last year’s winner of the best caravan awning category was made by Westfield in Germany, and imported into this country by Quest Leisure. The Galaxy awning was brand new for 2023, and very much aimed at the seasonal pitch market.

It’s a full air single point inflation awning, made using Tencate and Mehler Airtex fabrics. It should certainly provide a sheltered, watertight and most of all elegant space for you to expand into when you come to stay in the caravan.

The windows are tinted to keep out any glare and to provide you with a bit of privacy. All windows come with internal blinds that are zipped, and with a mesh panel for ventilation.

Available in three sizes for awning sizes from 946 to 1050cm, the Galaxy also comes with the added reassurance of a two-year warranty.

Price: from £2899 at Quest Leisure

Isabella Buddy

Roll-out awnings are not as common on caravans in the UK as they are on the Continent, and are nowhere near as common in either case as they are on motorhomes.  But that could soon change if people start latching onto the advantages that Isabella’s new Buddy system provides.

Rather than go to all the hassle and cost of bringing a full awning on tour with you, the Buddy consists of two sides and a front panel that you can attach to the roll-out awning. That front is also available in four different sizes, so you can choose whether what you are creating is a fully enclosed awning or something more resembling a large verandah on the side of your caravan.

You still get the same Isabella quality. The Buddy is made of the same Isacryl fabric the Danish manufacturer uses on its more conventional awnings. And you have the added reassurance that when you come to pack up, it’s just a case of removing these panels and rolling them up, rather than trying to find space in either your caravan or car boot to cram the whole collapsed awning into.

Price: TBC at Isabella

Dometic Portico

The Dometic Portico caravan awning

With today’s increasingly large caravans, sometimes you might not want to bother with a full awning. All you might need, perhaps, is just a little place to get out of the wet while you fumble for the keys. If that is you, Dometic’s new Portico product may be for you.

It’s essentially a canopy you fix to the top of your caravan’s door. But it stays rigid, thanks to a solid air-frame. It also has a keder connection to make it easy to slide into your awning rail, even if you are on your own.

Price: TBC at Dometic

Dometic Residence

The Dometic Residence caravan awning

This new polycotton awning from Dometic comes in six different sizes, for awning measurements ranging from 950cm to 1100cm. Made with the same Air Frame technology that has already proven successful in the brands’ Rally range of awnings, the Residence is designed for all-year-round use. It comes with an integrated inflatable canopy, zipped external window blinds and removable front and side panels.

Price: TBC at Dometic

Trigano Aruba

The Trigano Aruba awning

Trigano’s Aruba was launched as the little brother to the larger Samoa awning. This year it has been redesigned to give the whole awning a more modern look. Available in three sizes – 280, weighing 22kg, 320, weighing 22.4kg, and 390, weighing 26.5kg – it has been made with Trigano’s Air Camp technology, which is designed to make pitching easier and quicker, with a single external inflation point.

It has large windows to let as much light in as possible, and with interior blinds to keep it out if need be, and all doors come with mosquito screens. Options available for the awning, which is distributed in the UK through Manchester-based Grove Products, include a roof lining and an inner tent.

Price: £1067.72 at Trigano

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