Even if you have a large and spacious caravan, putting up an awning can make all the difference to your stay on a caravan park. They can provide extra living or sleeping space, or even somewhere that feels just a little bit more outside without actually being exposed to the elements. At the very least they can give you a bit more storage space.

So, how do you choose the best caravan awning for you? That’s where the Practical Caravan Awards 2022 come in. We’ve used our decades of collective experience to pick out the very best awning on the market for the 2022 season, as well as revealing the other standout contenders.

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The best caravan awning is…

Dometic Leggera Air 260 Redux

Dometic Leggera Air 260 Redux awning

It’s great to see that the hiatus in the industry caused by the Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t dimmed some company’s ambitions on becoming more eco-friendly. The 260 Redux is one of two porch awning models (the other being the 220) included in Dometic’s Leggera Air Redux range, which is new for 2022.

These are both lightweight: the 260 only weighs 12.36kg, so one person can easily lug it out of the boot. But it still has a roomy depth of 2.4m, and includes useful features such as a dual keder to fit different types of awning rail, an adjustable height to match your caravan, and apex ventilation.

Best of all, however, is its fabric. It is polyester made from recycled plastic bottles, with ten going into each metre of fabric. The 260 uses 22 metres of fabric, so if you buy this awning you have recycled 220 plastic bottles.

The other standout caravan awnings are…

There are some other great caravan awnings out there – we round up the pick of the bunch here.

Vango Tuscany 500 Elements Proshield

Vango Tuscany 500 Air Elements ProShield Caravan Awning
Image courtesy of Winfields Outdoors

The biggest awning yet in Vango’s more traditional Tuscany range, this is now made from the same Proshield fabric as the Balletto range. As before, the awning features single point inflation and multiple point deflation. A 400 size awning is also available this season.

Isabella Eriba Touring awning

Isabella Eriba Touring awning

Designed to match the Eriba look, this flexible awning gives you a choice in where to position the doors and windows, and includes an integrated roof pad to ensure water coming off the caravan roof drains away. For Eriba Trolls, and (with an adaptor panel) Triton and Familia models.

Price: £1755.37

Outdoor Revolution Eden Air 260 Hero

Outdoor Revolution Eden Air 260 Hero awning

One of two models in a new range from Outdoor Revolution, this lightweight awning is made with 120HDE Hex fabric, individually inflated air poles and lightweight fibreglass roof tension poles. It is designed to be lightweight for short weekend breaks or holidays on a budget.

Price: £499

Outdoor Revolution Sportlite 320EX Hero

Outdoor Revolution Sportlite 320EX Hero awning

An addition to the Sportlite range for this year, the 320EX include a tall extension that can function as a storage area, or (with an optional inner tent) as a further bedroom. Like the other two models, this has a zip outside door with a mesh panel and a single point inflation air frame.

Price: £849

Trigano Guerande

Trigano Guerande awning

Trigano’s new top of the range cotton awning has a traditional look and is modular with large windows. It’s ideal if you do a lot of touring in warmer climates.

Price: TBC at www.trigano-camping.com

Trigano Aruba 320

Trigano Aruba 320

Trigano’s replacement for the Samoa range (which also comes at a 390 width) features big front windows to allow as much light to get in as possible.

Price: TBC at www.trigano-camping.com

Vango Balletto Air 330 Elements Proshield

The popular Balletto awning comes with a new luxury Proshield fabric for 2022, which is designed to allow water to “bead” and includes ColourLok technology that help to prevent fading from UV light. As before, there is single point inflation and multi-point deflation.

Price: £1125


Quest Leisure Eris Annex

Quest Leisure Eris Annex

New this season and suitable or all of Westfield’s Vega, Pluto and Ceres models, this annex is unusually sophisticated having two windows both of which can be verandah poled and its own entrance door.

Price: £479 at www.questleisure.com

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