Putting a cover on your caravan when you are not using it makes sense even if you tour all year around. There will still be significant periods when your caravan will be left outside and, during an average British winter, that could lead to it having a fair battering from wind, rain and hail, resulting in unsightly marks and a gradual fading from its pristine beginnings. A cover will stop any bird droppings affecting your caravans outer layer. Because they can be hard to spot they can do untold damage before you manage to wipe them away. Covers also prevent any bugs sneaking into your van and causing a nuisance.

Putting a cover on when you are towing isn’t so essential. But it should mean that when you turn up on site, you won’t have to waste time mopping down the front of the caravan to make yourself look respectable or to enjoy the view through the front windows free of mud.

Best covers

Specialised Caravan Cover

Specialised covers might seem to be on the pricey side, but that is possibly because a lot goes into them. They are tailor made for a start, to reduce the risk of the cover flapping in the wind and causing damage to the caravan. And because they are bespoke, they can also be made to include an opening for your caravan’s door, so that you can easily get in and out should you have to without having to remove the whole cover. And, if you have a solar panel on the roof, the cover can be made to include a perspex section over the panel so that it carries on working while your caravan is in storage – keeping the battery charged and, perhaps just as importantly, the alarm working. This cover is made of a breathable fabric with a hydrostatic head of 2500mm (roughly speaking, how much water would have to settle on top of it before any got through). It also has a non-abrasive inner lining to prevent scratches to the caravan surface.

£399; www.specialisedcovers.com

CPL Caravan Cover PRO

With a 4-ply water- and UV-resistant fabric, this cover includes adjustable straps on all sides, so you should be able to prevent any annoying flapping. Covered zips on all four corners mean that it should be easy to access the caravan’s door or an external locker if you need to without taking the whole cover off, while hooded vents let air in if you need it. There are even reflective strips on the front and back so everyone should see it is a caravan even with the cover on. This cover comes with a free matching cover for your hitch too.

£99; www.towsure.com

Kampa Prestige Caravan Cover

This cover is made of thread layers – an outer layer designed to reflect the sun’s UV rays, a middle layer with a micropore breathable film to allow water vapour to escape but prevent water getting in from outside, and an inner layer that rests on the caravan made of a soft fabric to prevent scratches. Designed to fit any caravan up to 2.25m wide and 2.46m high (with an extra wide version design to fit caravans up to 2.5m wide), the cover also comes with an elasticated hem to ensure a tight fit. There are four zip openings to make it easier for you to put the cover on, and sewn in quick release buckles to make it easy to remove again.
£100; www.kampa.co.uk

Maypole Waterproof Caravan Top Cover

This is a useful compromise if you think you will need such regular access to the caravan that a full cover would be too impractical. This top cover still offers UV protection from harmful sunlight and is made of 150 denier polyester with a PU coating that has a hydrostatic head of 1500mm. Available in six different sizes, it comes with elasticated straps with steel hooks, and with additional straps if your caravan is an unusual shape.

£53.79-£84.79; www.caravanstuff4u.co.uk

Explorer Ultimate Caravan Cover

Explorer makes its semi-tailored caravan covers available in three ranges, and the Ultimate, as you might imagine by the name, is the most upmarket of the three. Along with the tensioning straps and access zips that set the middle Deluxe range apart from the entry level (and most popular) Classic, the Ultimate is also made of a 7-layer breathable fabric, making it suitable for all-year-round use. It also comes with a cotton backing designed to eliminate any chance of the cover itself damaging your caravan. A five-year manufacturers’ warranty and a free matching hitch cover should also entice you.

£174.95; www.explorercovers.co.uk

Tow Pro Lite

A cover for your caravan, yes – not while it’s in storage, but while you are on the road. The Tow Pro Lite should protect your precious purchase from all the mud and the odd stone that will inevitably come into contact with it while it is being towed. The one-piece cover has been specially designed to fit any caravan that has two awning channels and is less than 2.5m wide. You attach each side to the channels, and then fold the cover in across the front of the caravan to make sure it is a tight fit. The waterproof and breathable fabric is lined on the back with fleece to prevent the cover scratching the bodywork. It even comes with specially fitted LED lights so that you remain legal on the road while you are towing with it on.

£199; www.specialisedcovers.com

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