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TOPIC: Caravan Electrics - Fridge

Caravan Electrics - Fridge 3 months 4 weeks ago #471313

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Sorry for the late reply! I'll return the car and believe I'll just need a relay to allow power to the fridge when the car is running. Hopefully that sorts out the issues.
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Caravan Electrics - Fridge 3 months 4 weeks ago #471316

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otherclive wrote:
colinbal4 wrote:
otherclive wrote:
colinbal4 wrote:
A few people have said that power should only be provided at the socket when the engine is running and the alternator is spinning.

Is it normally that intelligent? I'd have thought it was just an ignition switched relay, i.e. if your ignition key is turned on, then the power is supplied, regardless of whether or not the engine is running and alternator spinning?

It's an important distinction, because a lot of people sit in services or waiting to board ferries, with the ignition key turned so they can listed to the radio. Can they flatten the car battery because they are also running the fridge?

Wouldn’t they normally be using the ignition switch in its auxiliary or first position hence not activating a relay. Sitting with full ignition on isn’t advised.

Depends what ignition switched feed its wired into, for instance my 12v cigar sockets and stereo work in ignition position 1, but elec windows etc only work in position 2

Thanks same as mine. Years since I had a 12 volt cigar :-)
The connection to the 12v fridge circuit and 12v battery charging circuit is protected by a relay which only switches when the alternator on the car is turning and churning out a higher voltage in excess I think of 13.5 volts. It will not switch just on ignition or auxiliary. I assume it has been correctly fitted in the first place
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