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The Practical Caravan Ford Mondeo Estate review 1 - Here we are testing a £29,510 Ford Mondeo Estate in Titanium 2.0 TDCi 180PS PowerShift AWD trim (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

Ford Mondeo Estate 2016

Check out our Ford Mondeo Estate review as we set out to see if this four-wheel-drive wagon, with 178bhp and 295lb ft torque, is worth the extra outlay

Created on 9th May 2016

4.0 stars


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The Practical Caravan Volkswagen Passat Estate review 1 - With 369lb ft torque and a 1735kg kerbweight, this four-wheel-drive VW Passat is a very capable tow car (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

Volkswagen Passat Estate 2016

With space and pace aplenty, we're keen to put the twin-turbo, four-wheel-drive VW Passat Estate to the test – can it justify its £36,505 price tag?

Created on 26th April 2016

4.5 stars


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The Practical Caravan Kia Sorento review – 1 - With a 1953kg kerbweight, this Sorento with its automatic gearbox is a good match for a range of tourers (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

Kia Sorento 2016

Caravanners love the Kia Sorento and the third-gen has already impressed, but what tow car ability does it have when fitted with an automatic gearbox?

Created on 4th April 2016

4.5 stars


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The Practical Caravan Škoda Superb review 1 - The Škoda Superb was undeterred by the wet test track, exhibiting precise steering, ample grip and sure control of the caravan in our lane-change test (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

Škoda Superb 2016

Living up to its name, read on to find out why the new Škoda Superb so impressed our expert, on tow and solo, that it achieved a rare five-star rating

Created on 29th March 2016

5.0 stars


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The Practical Caravan Volvo V60 review 1 - With estate-car-cum-4x4 looks, what tow car ability does the Cross Country Volvo V60 variant have? (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

Volvo V60 2016

Read our review of the surprisingly heavy, 148bhp Volvo V60 Cross Country – but could it be a case of style over substance for this Swedish estate?

Created on 10th March 2016

3.0 stars


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The Practical Caravan Hyundai Tucson review 1 - Hyundai is certain that the Tucson is an able successor to the ix35 – read our review to find out more (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

Hyundai Tucson 2016

As the resurrected Tucson name returns to the Hyundai line-up, read our expert's review to find out what tow car ability this high-spec SUV has

Created on 22nd February 2016

3.5 stars


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The Practical Caravan Vauxhall Zafira Tourer review – 1 - With an 85% match figure of 1496kg, the Vauxhall Zafira Tourer can tow a wide range of caravans (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

Vauxhall Zafira Tourer 2015

Discover what tow car talent lies behind the Vauxhall Zafira Tourer's rather anonymous styling – read Practical Caravan's expert review by David Motton

Created on 27th January 2016

4.0 stars


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The Practical Caravan Jaguar XE review 1 - We tested the two-litre turbodiesel XE on a wet track and it performed very well, with no hint of loss of control, even during high-speed lane changes (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

Jaguar XE 2015

Get behind the wheel of the Jaguar XE with Practical Caravan's expert David Motton and find out what tow car talent this 161bhp/280lb ft torque saloon has

Created on 19th January 2016

3.5 stars


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The Practical Caravan Audi Q7 review 1 - The Audi Q7 changed lanes quickly and efficiently during our comprehensive tow car test (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

Audi Q7 2015

With 268bhp, a 2135kg kerbweight and seven seats, the Audi Q7 is a top tug on paper – read Practical Caravan's review to see what tow car ability it has

Created on 4th January 2016

4.5 stars


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The Practical Caravan Seat Leon X-Perience review 1 - Four-wheel drive means the Seat Leon X-Perience has good traction – and its 1484kg kerbweight isn't shabby, either (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

Seat Leon X-Perience 2015

We know that 4x4 estates can make excellent tow cars so read Practical Caravan's Seat Leon X-Perience review and find out why we think it's one of the best

Created on 18th December 2015

4.0 stars


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