You’ve just settled into a cosy evening in the caravan, but the steam and smells of dinner are still hanging around. Get the fan on! One of the best caravan fans can go a long way in making your tourer more comfortable, whether that’s getting air out or in. 

You don’t have to forsake comfort whilst you’re out of the car: whether you’re holidaying in the heat or touring in the cold, having a fan in your ‘van can be very useful. 

How do I choose the best caravan fan for me? 

Firstly, think about the space that you have. If you’re working with a small space, you won’t have to worry too much about power. If you’ve got a large caravan you might want to think about it though, or even consider air con.

Most of the best caravan fans come in around 5kg at most so shouldn’t affect your payload, but if you’re installing it yourself you’ll want to take into account the weight and design for ease of installation. 

Something else to consider is what issue you want to tackle. Are you looking to cool down your caravan, increase ventilation or both? A lot of fans are bidirectional, meaning they will inhale and exhaust air depending on what you want. You’ll also want to consider whether you want a battery powered or a 12V unit. 

The best caravan fans: our top picks

This is our line-up of the best caravan fans about. We’ve chosen 12V options that can be wired into your caravan or powered by a leisure battery that you can fit yourself. We’ve also chosen our favourite caravan sat navs so you can take the stress out of touring while on the go.

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Streetwize – Twin Cyclone Car Fan

If you’re looking for a simpler way of ventilating your caravan, this twin cyclone fan offers a good solution. The design allows you to have air blowing in two directions which you can control with the fully rotatable heads. The oscillating fans have two speeds and are powered by a 12V cable which is supplied.

Offering a good airflow for a small fan, the model can be mounted to any surface and is compact enough to be portable. It can also be powered by a 240V mains plug (not included) so you could use it as a household fan when you’re not in your caravan. The unit is simple enough to install yourself but looks and performs like a professional model.




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2012 Caravan Roof Vent Fan

This 14×14” model is easy to install and works on a brushless system, meaning reduced noise and a longer motor life. Although it’s nice and quiet, you won’t be compromising on power: the maximum load current is 4a with 40 watt power, ensuring a decent output while not draining your battery. There are 4 speed options controlled via remote, meaning you don’t even have to get out of bed to turn it on.

This model offers reversible ventilation and there is also a built-in rain sensor, which automatically closes the lid when drizzle is sensed and saves your van from getting wet. The fan also functions when the lid is closed so your ventilation won’t be interrupted by a downpour. 

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Maxx Air 00-07500K MaxxFan Deluxe

This sleek exhaust fan is the most expensive on our list and offers plenty of handy features. Compatible with standard 14”x14” roof openings, this model uses a vent, fan and rain shield to keep your caravan comfortable. The vents can be opened and closed manually or with a remote control and the fan offers 10 speeds. The built in thermostat allows you to more accurately control the temperature of your van.

Providing over 900 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of ventilation, the 12” blade fan has a 12 volt motor and operates air intake and exhaust functions meaning the air in your caravan will always be fresh. The slanted lid design means it’s fully functional when raining and you can leave it up when you’re on the go.

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2012 Air Max Vent Fan

This unit is easy to install and has a 12” brushless fan to reduce friction, making it quiet and efficient. Complete with a sturdy removable mesh cover, this model has 4 speeds and can be controlled via remote control or with the manual buttons. The reliable rain sensor will close the lid automatically so you don’t have to worry about getting rained on in the night and the 12V power system gives a powerful result without draining your battery.

The airflow can be set to inhale or exhaust so it’s great for temperature control as well as getting fresh air into your caravan. A removable bug net is fitted to the bottom with magnets which makes cleaning the fan blades easy. 

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2012 Voice Control Caravan Roof Vent

For an efficient and easy-to-use way to keep your caravan comfortable, this model is a good option. Using bidirectional airflow, you can use exhaust and inhale and keep your caravan at a temperate level while maintaining a fresh air flow. The rain sensor prompts the lid to close when it’s raining but ventilation is maintained by the side vents even when the lid is down.

 With a low current load and an efficient motor, this model won’t drain your battery or be too noisy. Measuring 14×14”, the unit can be fitted into a standard roof gap and is powered by 12V. A bonus of this model is that, along with manual and remote controls, it can also be controlled by voice commands. 

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