BUCCANEER IS SYNONAMOUS with plush and luxury, but the 2011 model didn’t really hit the mark. A major makeover for 2012 has really moved things on and pushed these posh tourers back to the top of the pile.


Outside, An all-new bodyshell with a steeply angled front end, wide, silver locker door and large, deep front windows transforms the looks. The sidewalls are now GRP rather than aluminium and have a silver finish. This gives the advantage of the silver appearance combined with highly dent and scratch-resistant glassfibre.  Along with the new rear panel and the privacy glass, the striking Buccaneers are perhaps the most distinctive mainstream caravans on the market in 2012. 


Inside story

In terms of layouts, the line-up now consists of four floorplans, of which three are twin-axle. All the layouts have got massively improved interiors with new cabinet work, better soft furnishings and LED lighting throughout.  Most noticeable are the clever four-draw centre chest, AVTEX television and generally improved interior which the oppressive feel of the 2011 models.


The biggest change in layout is definitely with the Caravel island fixed bed. This now has a more open interior, with the fridge-freezer and microwave oven on the offside behind the washroom. The rest of the kitchen sits on the nearside. A spacious front lounge and intelligently designed side-washroom complete the picture. Other than the Caravel, the Corsair end-washroom nearside fixed-bed on a single axle is likely to be the biggest seller. The Schooner rear-washroom offside-fixed-bed and fixed single bed Clipper, both on twin-axles remain in the line-up, albeit much improved. 


Practical Caravan Verdict

While still only for the well-heeled caravanner with a big 4×4 to tow it with, the 2012 Buccaneer is significantly improved over last year’s offering.