NOT MUCH WAS wrong with the 2011 Quasar models aside from the fact they were a little bit…boring. Happily though, a sunny refresh of the interiors brings them bang into line with the rest of the Lunar line-up.


Framed locker doors and new upholstery make Quasar feel more upmarket than its mid-market placing suggests. Outside, new graphics are the main difference. 


Two classic layouts are cast aside for 2012. Gone is the 525 twin-dinette and the side-dinette 524. The latter is replaced by a shorter 494 version of the same layout which debuts at the Lawns Caravan Extravaganza. That leaves seven Quasars and the evergreen Ariva in the portfolio, down one on 2011. 


Other than that, layout changes are restricted to a tweak of the end-washroom 462 which now has the wardrobe spilt on either side of van and a larger shower.


Practical Caravan Verdict

Less kilos and more plush are good news for Quasar. Not the cheapest option however.