Knaus Sport 450

The electric model comes with a smart control unit which automatically adjusts the power distribution in the caravan depending on what you are doing so that you never blow a fuse.

The ePower option is being made available on ten Sport and three Südwind models on the Continent for 2022, which are 50kg lighter than the gas-powered alternatives. But only one of these models, the rear corner bed Sport 500UF, is being imported into the UK.

That model will also feature a “One Night Stand” battery option that is designed to give you enough power to operate the lights, water pump and fridge for one night if you go off-grid.

Meanwhile Knaus’s budget brand Weinsberg is introducing a larger 83-litre compressor fridge in its Caracito model. An induction hob and a smart power control unit is also being fitted as standard to the electric-only version of the caravan.

Across Knaus and Weinsberg as a whole, prices on almost all UK-bound models have gone up by less than 1% for 2022. All Knaus caravans except the NorthStar range are still under £30,000, and all Weinsberg caravans remain under £20,000.

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