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The Practical Caravan Victorinox SwissTool Spirit III review tests this versatile multi-tool, to see if it is the ideal accessory for your caravan holidays


We like handy bits of kit that save space, weight and, hopefully money, allowing us to go out on tour well prepared, without unnecessarily cluttering our caravan. And because there are always small jobs that need to be done, little things that need to be fixed – not to mention bottles and cans that need opening – a multi-tool is a useful gadget to pack on your caravan holidays. It might save you wondering where on earth you are going to store your toolkit!

As part of the Practical Caravan multi-tool group test, here we are testing the Victorinox SwissTool Spirit III. How did we test it? Each multi-tool reviewed had to sharpen pencils, screw screws into wood, open cans, open bottles, pull twisted nails from pallets, saw plastic, pallets and metal and, finally, trim wire, tape, fingernails and wrapping paper. 

That is quite a lot to ask from a handheld device. But as this multi-tool, the Victorinox SwissTool Spirit III, was the most expensive tool tested – it retails at £116 – we expected a lot of it. And when you discover that Victorinox is so confident in the ability and durability of its products that it offers a lifetime guarantee, you'll expect yet more from it.

Look at this Swiss built, stainless steel product's spec and you'll see it has an impressive array of functions – 26 in total. There are two metal files, needlenose pliers, four screwdrivers (a Phillips screwdriver, a 2mm one, a 3mm one and a 6mm one), a metal saw, a blade, a chisel, scissors, two wire cutters, a pair of cable cover cutters, a crate opener, a can opener, a wire bender as well as a wire stripper and scraper, a lanyard hole and lock release, a cap lifter, a punch, individual springs, a multi-purpose hook and coupling for a corkscrew. Not bad for something that is merely 105mm long and 35mm wide. It is a sophisticated, elegant and ergonomic option. It also comes in a very smart, leather case.

We are pleased to report that in the Practical Caravan multi-tool review, the SwissTool Spirit III did not disappoint. We found this sturdy product very simple to use. All the many tools locked securely into place and they are all on the outside, making them quick and easy to get to.

The SwissTool Spirit III excelled at all the tasks thrown its way. When you use this tool, you can understand exactly why Victorinox has such faith in its products that it is happy to offer that impressive lifetime guarantee. There is no doubt that this is a very high quality item – but then when you have to pay over £100 for the privilege, you would expect nothing less. With so many tools this is an extremely capable and versatile option, and there is no doubt that it has been built to last.

Other products featured in the Practical Caravan multi-tool group test were the Gerber Steady (£64.99), the Gerber Crucial (£44.99), the Am-Tech 12-in-1 Axe Head Multi-Function Tool (£9.59), the Cobb Multi Tool (£27.50), the Leatherman Wave (£99.95) and the group winner, the Leatherman Wingman (£39.95). 


Come the end of the Victorinox SwissTool Spirit III Practical Caravan review, we were left in no doubt that this is a high quality, stainless steel multi-tool that is incredibly versatile, competent and great to use. It is not cheap, but with its lifetime guarantee, for some buyers it might be well worth the money.



  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • It is expensive
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