Its innovative Alu-tech construction certainly caused a stir when it was launched, but the Bailey Pegasus didn’t warm everyone’s hearts with its sterile interiors. Bailey’s runaway success with the subsequent Unicorn range – an upmarket caravan with high-end living quarters – confirmed that there was strong demand for an Alu-tech van with showroom appeal inside.

So the stage was set for the Pegasus Series II – a refreshed take on the original models, which now feature the names of Italian cities instead of model numbers. There are five variants, ranging from two-berths to six-berths. The main differences between the old and new Pegasus models are in cosmetic terms (significant changes have taken place both inside and outside the van) and specification (there’s slightly less kit on the new vans). However, each model saw a price reduction on the original prices, so buyers couldn’t feel short-changed.

In this review we’re reporting on the Verona, the fixed-bed four-berth layout.