Here at Practical Caravan we’re always keen to look at a new manufacturer, especially a UK-based one. So when we learned about the new Barefoot tourer, we were eager to get our hands on the first prototype.

The Barefoot is a fully constructed GRP shell that was designed around the idea of retro tourers from the late 1950s, when GRP was first used. Cathy Chamberlain is the person behind the Barefoot: it was developed over four years from an idea she had for a small tourer that had to look distinctive, but was also practical to use.

With help from four design students on an automotive and transport course at Coventry University, the Barefoot took shape. A team was put together and the project progressed. Built as a couple’s caravan, the Barefoot is a pure one-piece GRP shell with no joints, so leaks shouldn’t be a problem.

The layout consists of a front wraparound-seating lounge area, while on the offside is a kitchen with a small dresser opposite. This van also comes with an end washroom that holds a built-in wardrobe; so the Barefoot packs plenty into its compact dimensions.