The Clubman SE is Lunar's take on Britain's best caravan layout – here's Practical Caravan's expert review, with full spec and price when new


The nearside fixed-bed, rear-washroom layout is firmly established as Britain’s most popular floor plan. It’s a great van for couples who don’t want the hassle of making up their bed from scratch every night and want the luxury of an end-washroom, and it comes in virtually every range from the high-volume manufacturers.

Lunar’s Clubman SE is their top-end version of this layout, as the fit and finish attest; and there’s much else to commend it.

Pitching and setting up

Set-up is straightforward on the Clubman. The handbrake is buttonless and the front steady-winder bolts are easily found on the side of the van. However, as there are no guiding tubes for the rear steady bolts, you’ll have to stoop to find them.

The water services connect on the offside, with grey water draining to the rear of the axle; the battery box is also on the offside and includes satellite TV input.

Access to the gas locker is good, but as the lock is in the middle it’s easy to brush your head on the latch, which is a bit annoying if you’re concentrating on operating a gas cylinder. The 12V control panel is mounted just inside the two-piece entrance door, and the consumer unit is under the offside rear bench.


The 2012 Clubman SE has a slightly bigger lounge than the 2011 model. It’s finished to a high standard with good-quality fabrics and comfortable seats.

LED strip lights on the bottom of the overhead lockers provide a touch of refinement, as do the pleated window blinds, and there’s plenty of natural light to enhance the bright, airy feel of this year’s new pale upholstery.


You don't get masses of work surface in the kitchen, but it’s well arranged. With the sink and cooker lids down, you have room to prepare a meal. Otherwise, the Clubman has all the essentials for cooks plus an 800W microwave oven.

A long window in the offside wall and a mini rooflight mean there’s always enough daylight coming through for chopping up vegetables. Another LED rope light under the overhead lockers will help out in the evenings.


First impressions of the washroom are excellent, and it gets better. There’s a real home-from-home feel, thanks in particular to the domestic-style door and radiator, a cord-operated light and a laundry basket.

There’s unrestricted legroom for using the Thetford C-250 cassette toilet and, while the vanity unit isn’t massive, it’ll do the job. Further along, the separate shower cubicle is accessed via a single-piece door. This looks classy but slightly gets in the way of the sink when it’s open, so people with larger frames will have to breathe in to get past.

The shower cubicle itself is wide, has built-in storage and a rail for drying towels. You’ll definitely be using this, as Lunar has declined to fit any hooks in the washroom – or the rest of the caravan for that matter.


Measuring more than six feet long, the fixed bed will accommodate taller people. A pair of speakers and a bracket at the foot of the bed for mounting a TV offer options for entertainment in the bedroom.

Lighting is taken care of with LED downlighters on either side of the headboard, where you’ll also find an LED strip light. There’s also a discreet night light under the fridge – ideal for anyone sleeping in the lounge who needs to visit the washroom during the night.

The lounge double bed is a smidgeon more than six feet long and makes up easily, using pull-out slats on a cord. These are located in guide channels for easy use.


There’s plenty of space under the rear fixed bed, as you’d expect, and the gas struts lift the mattress well clear for easy loading. At 60cm wide, the three-quarter-length wardrobe offers ample hanging space, while lockers above the bed will take more clothes.

Under-seat storage in the lounge is more generous on the nearside, and both cavities can be loaded from the top or the front. Two overhead kitchen lockers flank a drinks cabinet, but there are no pull-out racks for food.

Technical specs

Interior length5.78m
Shipping length7.35m
Awning size1013cm


This is Lunar’s top-end version of the evergreen fixed-bed, end-washroom floorplan. The Clubman boasts a generous fixed bed, a bright lounge and good storage, all packed in a caravan with an MTPLM of just 1475kg.



  • A home-from-home feel
  • Good storage options
  • There's a large fixed bed
  • Well specified washroom
  • Well organised kitchen workspace
  • A very towable MTPLM


  • There are no hooks in this top-of-the-range caravan
  • Kitchen storage is rather unimaginative