If you want a windbreak that is more sophisticated than the canvas and wood pole variety, this is the answer. An aluminium frame and marine fabric make up the construction, so it is lightweight but also rigid. The key to its stability is due to both the top and bottom of the fabric being supported. In addition, using poles instead of guy ropes makes the unit even sturdier.

The 9m windbreak is made up of five 1.2m-high panels and two gates. The gates can be used to section off areas, which is ideal for making a secure dog- or play-pen. It needs more than one pair of hands to construct and it does take longer to erect than a traditional windbreak. However, the effort is worth it and once up it stays up.

The biggest problem facing this posh windbreak is the price. It costs a small fortune. If you need the extra flexibility it offers for containing dogs or kids, it’s worth considering. But for many caravanners, it’s a little over the top.