As caravans have been developed to be more draught-proof and better insulated, plus more campsites have electric hook-ups than ever, more and more caravanners have taken to touring all year round, meaning portable heaters are increasingly popular caravan accessories. And if you’re looking for the perfect heater for your winter caravan holidays, the Practical Caravan team is here to help. We’ve put a range of products through their paces to help you find the best heater to keep you warm and comfy whenever you head out on tour.

Do you want to buy a space heater or are you in the market for a radiant heater? The former takes cold air in, heats it and then gives it out, so the space is heated gradually – nice and simple. The latter keeps you warm using infrared rays which pass through the air and heat what they come into contact with, rather than heating the air itself.

Here we have the Dyson AM05. And the first matter we must address is price – this heater retails at a few pounds shy of £300. In anyone’s books, that’s not cheap, even for a big, famous, prestige brand such as Dyson. We’ve reviewed many other heaters with much more palatable price tags, including the £25 Kampa 1500W and the £20 Kampa Diddy, the £15 Screwfix 44164£33 Draper 02714, the £21 Sealey CH2013, the Zibro RS24 that retails for £110, the Dimplex Pro Series Self-Righting heater that costs £25, Outwell’s £63 Etna, the £23 Kobe KBE-828-0140K, the £43 Argos 415/1364, the £36 Clarke OFR9/90 heater, the £40 Kobe KBE-828-0130K, the £177 Zibro LC30 and our group test winer, the excellent Sealey CD2013TT. So, with the Dyson AM05, do you get what you pay for?

One thing you cannot deny is that this is a very stylish unit. But for many, that won’t be a prime consideration when looking for a heater. Most buyers will be concerned about how powerful the heater is and if it will keep you warm on the chilliest of nights, whether it can be used on campsites with different electric hook-ups (some have a higher amperage than others), whether it has a timer and how quiet (or otherwise!) the heater is when being used. These heaters are also portable products, so ensuring you buy a heater that isn’t too heavy or bulky is important, as you’ll need somewhere to store it and you don’t want it eating up too much space when in use. You also want to be sure that the heater is easy to position and stable once in place.

So, in our review, how did the Dyson AM05 perform? Is Dyson’s bladeless, air-multiplying technology as effective as its manufacturer claims? Maybe.

Certainly, no other heater tested by Practical Caravan pushes out air so forcefully. Factor in the unusual shape and the ease of aiming the gale force blast, and the Dyson heater’s benefits become apparent. In large rooms, the air movement evens out heat-spread regardless of where the unit is positioned. You can also use the Dyson AM05 as a radiant-style spot heater. If you’re close to it, you’ll feel warm even if the rest of the room is cold.

However, this product’s price and its single 2000W power level are big drawbacks which you must take into consideration.