Elddis has made great strides in design and construction in the last few years. Every year, just as we thought they had topped their game, the following season’s models looked better than ever.

Part of the mighty Explorer Group, Elddis has given the Avanté range a good going over for 2016, introducing a new front panel and graphics plus a new front sunroof. Interiors too have new locker design and wood finish along with new design soft furnishings. Elddis means business with its Avanté range in 2016 and adding a new model has strengthened the range further. 

The new Elddis Avanté 554 offers a transverse double bed, complete with end washroom and centre kitchen with front lounge. This layout has been brought into play by most manufacturers in 2016 and is currently considered a ‘must-have’.

Elddis has made the 554’s transverse bed in such a way that you can extend it by 400mm at night. Although classed as a four-berth caravan, the Elddis Avanté 554 is most likely to be used by couples, and this layout should prove ideal for two.

The Avanté range is well known among caravanners for offering good value for money, and the latest model and re-vamp further strengthens this fine reputation. No longer really classed as an entry-level van, the Elddis Avanté 554 should have wide appeal. And to see other Elddis caravans for sale, click here.