When the Compass range was redesigned last year, names such as Rallye and Corona disappeared to make way for Casita, Capiro and Camino.

It was a bold move, and it paid off: one of these new-look models, the upmarket Camino 660, was named our Tourer of the Year.

But this particular model didn’t just appear as a Compass.

Although the layout – with a transverse island bed and a central washroom you can close off – was new to the Explorer Group, Compass was revamped so that the three ranges would more closely resemble the lines of its sister brand Elddis.

The equivalent, then, to the 660 within Elddis is the new Elddis Crusader Zephyr.

With the awards behind us, it’s worth seeing what you get with the same tourer in the Elddis format.

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