North Wales-based the Fifth Wheel Company only started making caravans – as opposed to the fifth wheelers from which it takes its name – in 2011, and even then, only because their customers more or less asked them to.

Overall reaction has proved so positive, however, that earlier this year, the third generation of the Inos, as the caravan is known, came off the production line as a two-layout range.

That term ‘production line’ might be a bit of a misnomer. The company’s production run is so small that each Inos model can afford to be heavily bespoke. Pretty much everything inside the caravan can be altered to suit the wishes of the customer, as some parts of our test model, the four-berth Inos 70, had been (which is why we can’t list a price as tested).

There have been some basic changes to this new generation of Inos caravans, so what are they and, perhaps more importantly, do they work?