Inaca is a leading awning manufacturer whose products have impressed us through the years, and the Siena is one of the lowest-priced full awnings.

It comes in two formats in a variety of sizes: four front panels and one door (for ground-to-ground measurements of 786cm-1035cm), and six front panels and two doors (1036cm-1085cm).

We tested a 1050cm six-panel model. This model, in particular, is best stuited to seasonal pitches, as its weight and number of panels makes erection and dismantling a lengthy job. This is a heavy awning: while a glass-fibre frame can be specified for this model for an extra £127, the standard steel-frame we tested weighs in at almost 60kg in total.

The Siena is 250cm deep with a 30cm front canopy, and is made of high-quality fabrics which also contribute to its weight: PCV polyester for the roof, polyester acrylic side and front panel, and PCV polyester skirt and mudwall. It comes only in blue/grey.

Having fed the roof panel through the awning channel, the bracket pads to which the roof poles attach are clipped onto the bead in the roof panel and locked in position. This is a better and quicker system than sliding the pads on from either end.

With the frame erected and temporarily tensioned, the side and front panels can be zipped in. The side panels are interchangeable, and so are the front ones, which allows you to position the doors wherever you wish. Each side panel also offers two possible openings for doorways, and all the panels have external zipped covers over their windows, providing privacy and protection from the elements.

For an awning that is most likely to be left in situ for long periods, it is disappointing that storm straps are a cost option, at £24. Other options are available, including veranda bars and an inner roof.

Glossop Caravans in Derbyshire is Inaca’s exclusive UK dealer, but delivery is free to most UK destinations. Its website is very informative, but it’s a good idea to ask current Inaca owners, too.


The Siena is well-made and versatile, and can add plenty of living space to your van. Bear in mind that larger models take time and strength to put up, so are best reserved for seasonal pitches.

Price £728-£1011 (depending on size)
Tel 01457 860 118 or 01457 890 722

Reviewed in the August 2012 issue of Practical Caravan