If you’re looking to update your caravan accessories and you’re in the market for new camping chairs, maybe this time you should consider buying inflatable furniture?

Lightweight and compact when folded, as a caravanner you’ll understand why inflatable chairs might well make ace camping companions. And the technology that goes into this blow up furniture has come a long way in recent years, meaning these items are now viable, comfortable options for your caravan holidays. They are also often quite cheap, so great no matter what budget you are working to.

However, there are some drawbacks – or at least some points you should consider. Once inflated, these chairs can be quite large (as is the case here), which can make storing them inconvenient. In addition, they are so light that they can be blown away very easily, so you might need to put up an awning in which to store them. You’ve also got to be a bit careful when using blow up chairs as they can puncture, and you need to remember to top them up with air every couple of days.

Here we have the Intex Beanless Bag review. We have also tested another Intex product, the Café Chaise, which provides a seat and a footstool. Other products considered were the Easy Camp Movie Seat Double, the Gelert ABD099, the Vango armchair, two SunnCamp items, the single flocked sofa and the versatile 5 in 1 sofa bed, and three budget buys from Bestway, the Nestair, the Moda and the Comfi Cube.

To ensure the test was fair, we reviewed every item in the same way and using the same 12V pump. The chairs were assessed to discover how long each takes to inflate and deflate – large-diameter valves let more air pass in/out, for quicker and easier inflation, while the very best models allow you to remove the valve completely, which makes deflation significantly faster.

Comfort, of course, was key. The Practical Caravan review team wanted to know how easy or otherwise it was to get in to and out of every chair tested, and how comfortable they were when relaxing and lounging, as well as when you want to sit upright. 

Value for money was taken into account throughout this test, too. Finally, the inflated size of each chair and the amount of seating space the chair provides were factored into the final decision. So, what did our judging team make of the Intex Beanless Bag?

Thanks to the way a scalloped section has been engineered into this giant inflatable – mimicking the indent that body weight creates in a normal beanbag — this feels just like its conventional namesake. Consequently, it is one incredibly comfortable seat, perfect for relaxing fully after long walks in the countryside. But this level of ultimate resting does have its drawbacks. With a sitting height of just 30cm, getting out is challenging, even for the young and fit.

But easily the biggest problem with the Intex Beanless Bag is the gargantuan 1.07m x 1.04m footprint. Given the huge air chamber to fill, the efficient wide-gauge valves still could not bring inflation time to less than six minutes 45 seconds.