Practical Caravan’s tow car experts have driven the Jaguar XF Sportbrake before — it has twice won its weight class in the Tow Car Awards — but this was their first chance to give Jag’s stylish estate the full tow-test treatment.

The 3.0-litre S with 271bhp was named the Tow Car Awards 2014 1700-1899kg champion. Here we reviewed the less-powerful 3.0-litre, which still has 237bhp. A little less muscle under the bonnet means more money in your bank account — £4380, compared with the S in the same Portfolio specification. Which is the better buy? If you’re considering what tow car to buy next, should you save the extra pennies and get the S or not?

The reviewers were expecting a brilliant, super-stable tow car with precise handling. Does the less-powerful model have enough poke to cope with a heavy tourer?