If you’re looking for a head-turner on site, you could do worse than the Knaus Sport & Fun, just as long as you can live up to the credentials of its target market: people of action with a youthful outlook on life. It may be hard to believe, because the model is uncommon in the UK, but this brightly coloured sporty caravan has been around for nearly 20 years. 

Its raison d’être is that it has a vast amount of storage for carrying bicycles, surfboards and so on – therefore, sport and fun. A quick search of online ads reveals that some, with reinforced floors and roofs and uprated payloads, have been used to carry small motorbikes. 

“In a caravan?” you ask incredulously. “How?” At the back of the van is a 920cm-wide door with a low sill, over which a ’bike can be lifted, and the van’s nose functions as a garage, accessible from either side. Plus there is the option of increasing the MTPLM to 1700kg. 

The latest incarnation is a little longer – around 0.5m (20in) – than its 1997 three-berth predecessor, and the interior styling is much more fluid. Both versions come from the same designer, Manfred Lang. 

The ethos hasn’t changed though; it’s all about youthful style: white, dimpled aluminium sidewalls are decorated with swooping, bright blue-and-green graphics bearing the legend, ‘Sport & Fun’. Light clusters are set in blue moulded bumpers at the front and back, and blue mudguards frame the wheels. The front and back panels are smooth metal sheeting. 

On the inside, the curved furniture opens up the interior, making it feel spacious.

We used the Sport & Fun on a recent trip to Brittany, towing it behind a Škoda Yeti Outdoor 2.0 TDI. The recommended 85% compatibility figure was more in tune with the Sport & Fun’s MiRO weight, which wasn’t a problem because we weren’t carrying any heavy gear. 

The drive was stable and smooth on straight roads, thanks to the Sport & Fun’s aerodynamic shape and the AKS stabiliser, but the Škoda needed a little more oomph to eliminate the slight tugging from the S&F on hills and corners. You will need a bigger tow car than our Škoda, especially if you cart bulky sports equipment.