The Delta range has been around since 1980 and, in its 36 years, it has offered luxury and low weights. Known by many as a well-specified range, the line-up for 2016 may just include its best model to date: the Lunar Delta RI. 

Lunar has rather cleverly taken a layout that originated in the world of motorhomes, featuring an end island bed and a full-width washroom amidships, and improved upon it.  

Rival British caravan manufacturer Coachman took the plunge and introduced it in the VIP 545/4 and Laser 650/4, which made their debuts at February 2015’s NEC show. Show-goers liked them and the Coachman models sold well, but there were drawbacks. The washroom felt tight for space and there were two entrances from there to the rear bedroom, to access either side of the lengthways island bed, the foot of which extended right to the washroom bulkhead. This made the layout feel claustrophobic. Read our full Coachman VIP 545/4 review and Coachman Laser 650/4 reviews for more about this.

Lunar has stepped into the breach by coming up with a twist for the floorplan, which was an ideal addition to its Delta range. Lunar enlarged the washroom and turned the island bed through 90˚, transforming it into a transverse double, which permits a single entrance to the bedroom. To complete the layout, the bed was made retractable, to allow access around its foot. These tweaks make the Delta RI a very desirable luxury tourer. And to see other Lunar caravans for sale, click here.