From December 2007 issue

THE PEUGEOT 4007 proves that seven-seat 4x4s don’t have to be huge and unwieldy. Yes, it’s a big car, but not so large that it feels intimidating to drive. The 4007 corners well, with or without a caravan in tow.

We were particularly impressed when we put the Peugeot through our emergency lane-change test. Some big, roly-poly off-roaders really struggle with this sudden change of direction, but the 4007 stayed firmly on course and bullied the caravan into doing as it was told. Precise, well weighted steering helped the driver place the car accurately, and the 4007 changed direction without fuss. Even in heavy rain we were impressed with the Peugeot’s grip.

The 4007 has a strong engine to make the most of the able chassis. With 285lb.ft of torque to call upon, it should cope well with any suitable match. With a kerbweight of 1825kg, vans of 1551kg make an 85% match (the most that’s usually recommended for safe and stable towing). We pulled an Abbey Expression 560 with an MTPLM (Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass) of 1500kg from 30-60mph in a respectable 14.7 seconds.

In our emergency stop from 30mph car and caravan came to a halt in 11.9 metres. That’s a fair result given how wet the test track was.
Leave the caravan behind and the 4007 is an enjoyable car to drive. However, at motorway speeds there’s too much road noise.

We’re also disappointed with the Peugeot’s rearmost seats. There’s not a lot of room, and raising and lowering the seats is a fiddly job. Rivals like the Hyundai Santa Fe have more user-friendly, spacious cabins.

We say
Towing: 4/5
Solo: 3/5
Practicality: 3/5
Buying & owning: 4/5

Verdict: 4/5 – A stable towcar and fun to drive solo, although not the best seven-seater.

List price when tested: £25,490
Kerbweight: 1825kg
85% match: 1551kg
Max towing weight: 2000kg
Towball limit: 100kg
30-60mph: 14.7seconds
30-0mph: 11.9m

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