QUITE OFTEN, THE simplest ideas are the best. The RGM Rearguard bumper protector is hardly a new idea and it’s not hard to see how it works. Cover up the exposed part of your car’s painted bumper with a smart plastic cover.

Prices for the Rearguard are around the £45 mark, but vary depending on the car. That might seem expensive for a piece of preformed plastic, but it’s a lot cheaper than getting a bumper repainted.

The Mondeo version we fitted was simple to install. RGM do warn that some cars require self-tapping screws or clips, but these are supplied if required. Ours just used self-adhesive tape. An alcohol wipe is included to clean the bumper and ensure good adhesion. Once lined up correctly, even pressure applied with the palm of the hand was enough to ensure a secure fit. The tough, satin finish is more resistant to marks and chips than the a soft, painted bumper.  

On the Mondeo, the cover was an excellent fit, with an even gap all round. Once the boot is shut, it looks like a factory fit item, but even with it open, it doesn’t look like nasty aftermarket tat. It’s not the most exciting car accessory you’ll ever see but it fits, it works and it’s not too pricey. We like it.