The distinctive T@B always gets admiring looks. Launched 10 years ago, the retro, teardrop design has remained largely unchanged, but it’s still the best-looking ‘funky’ style caravan on the market today. 

T@B is a niche product built in Germany, and marketed across the world, including models built and sold under licence in the USA. UK sales are modest compared to more conventional kit, but that is the point. People who enjoy camping simply wouldn’t consider owning a conventional caravan but would love to try a T@B.  

The T@B website lists four UK dealers, the most recent addition being Airstream and Company

When we collected our chosen model, the L 400TD, sales director Michael Hold enthused: “We specialise in cool camping trailers and T@B fits perfectly in our portfolio. It attracts the same type of customer as Airstream.”

The T@B’s standard colouring is white with silver/grey accents, but silver all-over is the most popular version, we’re told. Our test model was silver with ‘lemon’ accents.