There’s nothing quite like brewing up a hot cup of coffee in the morning, especially on a chilly day on tour. With a range of portable options available, some of the best coffee machines are practical, reasonably priced and still give you a great result. 

How do I choose the best coffee machine for me? 

Close your eyes and imagine yourself making a cup of coffee. Are you in your caravan or on top of a hill? Is it an espresso or a frothy cappuccino? Are you tapping your toe waiting for it to brew or are you enjoying the process? 

If you’re a quick-fix espresso drinker or an on-the-go cup of Joe person, you might opt for one of the compact coffee machines that fills your cup in seconds. Or, if you prefer brewing a pot at your leisure or for a group of friends, you could think about a bigger, more traditional option. 

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Wacaco Nanopresso 

One of the most popular portable coffee machines on the market is the Nanopresso. Manuacturers Wacaco have perfected the process of making great quality coffee on the go, using a patented pumping system. The ergonomic device is super simple to operate, with a powerful hand-assisted pump that gives you flawless espresso and crema every time.

Just fill the water compartment with up to 80 ml of hot water, add your favourite ground coffee to the basket, reassemble and pour yourself an intense espresso in seconds. There is a built-in detachable cup, designed with a heatsink pattern to protect your hands, and the device is easily taken apart for cleaning. At just 15.6cm in length and weighing 336 grams, the Nanopresso is a space-saving solution to bulkier coffee makers and is a great companion on a long walk.

Jetboil Java Kit

If you hate waiting around for your morning coffee, this innovative model from Jetboil might be the answer. The Java Kit boils water in 100 seconds and has a built-in igniter button, so you don’t need to worry about singed finger tips. Designed with a french press accessory, you can brew your coffee straight into the 1 litre water chamber.

The body is also fitted with an insulating cosy to keep your drink warm. When empty, the press is stored inside the cup and it’s easily portable at 381 grams. There is a built-in bottom cup which doubles as a measuring bowl and a thermochromatic colour-changing heat indicator to let you know when your water is ready. The great thing about Jetboil is a lot of their stoves are compatible with other attachments, like their skillet and cooking pot. 

Stanley Easy Brew Pour Over 

Modern meets traditional in this stylish pour-over set from Stanley. Made from unbreakable stainless steel, the filter doesn’t use paper inserts meaning it’s cheaper to use, better for the environment and makes even better coffee. Just pour hot water straight into the filter over your favourite ground beans and it will drip through, giving you the perfect brew in just 3-4 minutes. The filter itself is designed to be super easy to clean.

Compatible with most mugs, it’s a versatile piece of kit but it’s made to fit perfectly with Stanley’s Classic Legendary Camp Mug. Double-wall insulation keeps your coffee hot for 1.5 hours or cold drinks chilled for 3 hours. The stainless steel design comes with a press-fit Tritan lid for on the go refreshment but looks just as good as a stand alone addition to your camp kitchen.

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Another of the market-topping on-the-go coffee machines is the AeroPress. The perfect touring companion, it’s lightweight and can be stashed in a cupboard or taken on a walk so you can brew a fresh cup of coffee wherever you are. Comprising a few simple components that are easily disassembled and cleaned, this handy device is completely fuss-free. Just pop your grounds in the chamber, fill it with hot water and let it steep for as long as you want before pressing the plunger.

Built with a removable silicone-seal at the end of the plunger, the bottom is compatible with most mugs and is fitted with a replaceable micro-filter which gives a rich, smooth coffee. Each filter can be used more than once after a quick rinse and they’re even compostable. The press comes with a scoop, funnel, stirrer and 350 filters. 

Stanley Percolator 

Another great option from Stanley, the Cool-Grip Camp Percolator might be of interest if you’re making a few cups of coffee at a time. The 1 litre pot will keep drinks hot for 4 hours and give you up to 6 cups of coffee. Made from stainless steel, all parts are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The handle is equipped with a removable silicone handle so once you’ve brewed it on the stove you can use the handle to pour coffee without singed fingertips.

Designed for stovetop use, the percolator is lightweight but sturdy and can be used on most hobs as well as open fires. There is a transparent knob on the lid which lets you see when the water has boiled and your coffee is ready. The chamber itself can keep the coffee hot for up to 4 hours – if it lasts that long!

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