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The name name might be more associated with power tools, but Bosch has a long history with satellite navigation devices for vehicles and its now branching out into iPhone software.

Bosch Navigation D-A-CH 1.5 is designed for both iPhone and iPad (though remember that only the 3G iPad has built-in GPS) and offers much the same set of core features as similar sat-nav apps.

Key among its unique features, however, is a ‘3D art’ map that shows buildings and other landmarks for larger towns and cities, much like the 3D view available for similar areas in Google Maps.

In addition to the usual fastest/cheapest route planning options, the app also has an ‘eco’ navigation mode that tries to plot a route that delivers the best fuel efficiency, based on such factors as road types and the number of junctions en-route.

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Sadly, there’s no option to specify a vehicle type and plot routes accordingly, but the app does have global settings for avoiding motorways, tunnels and seasonal roads (those likely to be impassible at certain times of year).

The app can also be told not to suggest u-turns when a turning is missed and the ‘driver assistance’ option will suggest the best speed to approach bends in the road.

Bosch Navigation D-A-CH 1.5 is available for £26.99 until the end of January, after which the price goes up to £44.99