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Last week’s piece on the Cricket Trailer showed one way to condense mobile accommodation into a very small space, but the Bufalino takes the idea to the absolute extreme.

The Bufalino is a concept motorhome (er, bedsit) by German industrial design student Cornelius Comann. Based on the Piaggo APE 50cc tricycle, it provides a self-contained eating, sleeping, working and washing facilities, albeit only for one person. One person who doesn’t suffer from claustrophobia, that is.

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Alas, if you’re tempted by the prospect of a tall three-wheeler that can’t be used on the motorway, will struggle to climb a gradient and risks tipping over in a crosswind, the bad news is that the Bufalino is still nothing more than a computer-generate image.

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Even so, it’s encouraging to see that the next generation of designers are interested in ways to improve camper vans and other mobile living arrangements, and maybe current caravan makers will draw inspiration from some of Cornelius Comann’s clever ideas.

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