Are you wondering what you should take on tour with you? The Practical Caravan guide to essential kit is here to help…

1 Camping chairs

A comfortable camping chair is worth its weight in gold on tour. These two Sunmer padded camping chairs weigh in at just 3.3kg each, and come with a handy drinks holder and a useful pocket for stashing your latest copy of Practical Caravan.

Price £89.99 at

2 Gas spanner

Spare your knuckles and unnecessary effort by investing in a really good gas spanner. This heavy-duty example is well priced and should make changing your gas bottles a doddle.

Price £6.35 at

3 Fresh-water container

When you’re pitched up on site you’re sure to notice fellow caravanners wheeling their fresh-water containers to the nearest tap – this 40-litre Aquaroll is a popular size and brand.

Price £59.99 at

4 Water hose

If you have a portable fresh-water container, you’ll need a suitable hose that connects to the van and also has a submersible pump, to bring the water onboard. This is the Whale Watermaster Caravan Water Pump; other brands are available.

Price £76.95 at

5 Hook-up cable

Unless you plan to spend your entire tour off-grid, you shouldn’t forget a hook-up cable to connect you to the mains. A 10m cable should do it in most cases, or to be doubly sure, you could go for a 25m one.

Price £22.27 at

6 Steady winder

Some caravanners use a drill attachment, but if you’re just starting out, a manual steady winder is a must-buy. This well-priced example from Towsure should do the job nicely.

Price £7.50 at

7 Outwell Collaps Kettle

Get one of these and in a few days, you’ll be wondering how you survived without it. It’s collapsible, can be placed on direct heat, is dishwasher safe and, of course, makes you a cracking cup of tea.

Price £42.95 at

8 Waste water container

If you’re not hooked up to mains water drainage, you’ll need something to empty your waste water into, so it can be wheeled away and emptied. There are various types available; the Wastemaster brand is very popular.

Price £55.75 at

9 Milenco Aero 4 Towing Mirrors

Towing mirrors are an absolute essential, and Milenco is well known for producing excellent examples. The Aero 4 Mirrors feel sturdy and should happily stay in place when you’re on the road.

Price £67.50 at

10 Fire extinguisher

This 950g BC Powder 34B extinguisher is suitable for both liquid and electrical equipment fires. Note that it is not suitable for use on deep fat fryers; you should consider a fire blanket, too, and ensure that working fire and carbon monoxide alarms are fitted.

Price £17.50 at

11 Weber Traveler Gas Barbecue

A barbecue is a wonderful enhancement to a touring holiday. This gas-fuelled model can be folded for easy storage, yet has a large cooking area and provides a low-to-high temperature range.

Price £465 at

12 First aid box

This well-stocked 220-piece first aid kit includes antiseptic towels, butterfly closures, safety pins, sticking plasters, fingertip strips, first-aid tape, eye pads and more. Enough to treat most minor injuries.

Price £24.99 at

13 Milenco 3004 hitchlock

You can’t fit too many security gadgets to your caravan – they will help prevent theft and keep your insurance valid. If you have an Al-Ko hitch, take a look at the Milenco Super Heavy-Duty lock: it fits around the hitch to help stop thieves towing the van away.

Price £102.95 at

14 Concentrate Duo Pack

Keeping your toilet facilities in good condition is a key part of ensuring an enjoyable tour. That’s where these useful products from Thetford come in – they prevent unpleasant odours and will keep everything just as it should be.

Price £15.49 at

15 Torch lantern

Even with an awning light and a flashlight app on your mobile, a torch that you can put down to provide light while you adjust the gas bottle or empty a locker is a godsend.

Price £22.99 at

16 Dometic awning

If you’re looking for extra space on tour, an awning is a must. The 260 Redux is one of two porch awning models in Dometic’s latest Leggera Air Redux range: it’s lightweight and uses recycled fabrics.

Price £525 at

17 Culinare MagiCan tin opener

A tin opener is an undervalued yet vital item, only fully appreciated when it isn’t to hand. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by keeping this useful accessory in your caravan kitchen at all times.

Price £6.49 at

18 Brunner Space tableware

Melamine tableware removes any worries about having to clear up smashed crockery in the confines of your caravan. This rather eye-catching set weighs in at just 3.28kg.

Price £61 at

19 Specialised caravan cover

Keep your caravan clean and safe from damage with a good quality cover, to protect it when it’s not being used on tour. Specialised Covers offers covers for all the leading brands, and can create a bespoke version if yours isn’t listed.

Price From £399 at

20 The North Face Slides

Comfortable footwear that you can slide into is welcome on tour, ideal for just popping on when you need to go to the washrooms in the morning. This pair from The North Face provides comfort and style to create a really winning combination.

Price £35 at

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