[tl:gallery size=470×300]Any nostalgic caravanners with £35,000 burning a whole in their pocket would do well to take a peek at the Vintage Seekers web site.

Specialists in 20th century design classics, Vintage Seekers is currently offering a beautifully restored vintage Airstream Bambi ‘travel trailer’ for sale — and that’s where the fat wedge of cash comes in (which is just a little more than the price of a new Airstream Bambi 422, by the way).

This particular trailer was first registered on 9th May 1963 and has been restored to its original interior spec with walnut cabinets and a leather sofa. It’s also been brought up to modern UK safety standards too, not that you’d know it from the careful retro build.

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If you’re seriously interested in spending this amount of money on serious piece of period style, then you can see the full specification over at the Vintage Seekers site, along with a wide selection of photographs.

[Vintage Seekers]