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Not everyone can afford a caravan — or the car needed to tow one, for that matter. If you like camping and prefer cycling as a means of transport though, then the Midget Bushtrekka could well be for you.

The Midget Bushtrekka is a trailer tent that’s designed to be towed behind a bike and it combines a 180-litre storage space with a one-berth tent that sits well off the ground when pitched.

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The whole thing travels on two pairs of wheels with independent suspension that’s designed to cope with uneven roads. When pitched, the trailer has four adjustable jacks for levelling and stability, and the whole thing costs $900 (around £570).

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The Bushtrekka looks a little more practical for two-wheeled campsite holidays than this three-wheeled one ‘cyclehome’ we spotted recently, but with a 26kg unladen weight, we’re not sure by how much…

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