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Practical Caravan's expert team reviews every model in the new for 2014 Elddis Affinity range, hoping to build on the great success of its predecessors

The Elddis Affinity range of upper mid-market caravans was only launched 12 months ago and has been a big success, so Elddis has left it largely unchanged for 2014. All five models are retained, with detail improvements.

External graphics get a little tickle, while the interiors benefit from a Heki 2 rooflight and an Alde heating touch-screen controller. The TV set no longer comes as standard, but there are several additions: a larger entrance door-mounted waste bin, two extra reading lights in the front lounge and new dovetail drawers with metal runners. 

Practical Caravan says...

"This was one of 2013’s best ranges and spawned our current Tourer of the Year, the Affinity 540, so there was little need to tinker for 2014. The detail changes will prove popular – especially the new Alde heating controller and the extra reading lights in the lounge. Prices have risen by only 1.5% on average." 


The 2014 Elddis Affinity range

2014 Elddis Affinity 482

Priced from £18,249, this model is a two-berth with a parallel lounge, a midships kitchen and a spacious end washroom, complete with a separate shower cubicle and a big wardrobe. The front lounge makes up into either two 1.88m x 0.68m singles, or a 1.88m x 2.04m double. The MTPLM is 1310kg, 

2014 Elddis Affinity 530

Priced from £19,299, the Elddis Affinity 530 is a four-berth with two separate lounging areas – a parallel lounge up front and an offside dinette just ahead of the spacious full-width end washroom. The kitchen is located midships, just inside the entrance door. The parallel sofas make up into either a 2.04m x 1.88m double, or two 1.88m x 0.68m singles. The side dinette only makes up into a 1.8m x 0.86m single, but there’s an optional drop-down bunk available. The MTPLM is 1442kg. 

2014 Elddis Affinity 540

The Elddis Affinity 540 is priced from £19,299. It is a fixed bed four-berth with a parallel lounge, a corner bed in the back and an end washroom. The fixed bed is 1.92m x 1.29m and the front lounge makes up into a 2.04m x 1.6m double. The MTPLM is 1450kg. 

2014 Elddis Affinity 550

Priced from £19,299, this is a four-berth with a parallel lounge and a rear island bed. The kitchen is sited midships and the washroom is split into two sections, a toilet/sink area and a shower cubicle. The lounge double is 2.04m x 1.48m, while the island bed is 1.85m x 1.35m. The MTPLM is 1450kg. 

2014 Elddis Affinity 574

This four-berth is priced from £19,299. It has fixed rear twin single beds, a parallel lounge and an end washroom across the width of the interior. The kitchen is located in the middle. The lounge sofas make up into a 2.04m x 1.48m double bed, while the rear singles are a respectable 1.94m x 0.74m. The MTPLM is 1483kg. 


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