Volkswagen will launch a new, larger Passat next year. The 2024 model will only be available as an estate, with VW promising more space, greater comfort and higher quality.

Although technical details won’t be released until closer to the car’s launch, we do know that Volkswagen will continue to sell diesel-engined Passats alongside petrols, mild-hybrid petrols and plug-in hybrid models.

The electric range of the plug-in hybrid is said to be up to 100km (62.5 miles), a marked increase over the distance the current model can travel on electricity alone. DC charging, which allows you to top up the battery far more quickly than AC, will also be available.

Good legroom and boot space are two of the things that the best caravan tow car will always provide, and the VW certainly provides that. Measuring some 14cm longer than today’s car, the new Passat promises 5cm of extra legroom and a huge 690-litre boot. That beats even the Škoda Superb Estate’s 660 litres, and with the Passat’s back seats folded, capacity increases to 1920 litres, ideal for anyone who wants an estate tow car with plenty of luggage space.

VW says the car will have ‘ergoActive’ seats for greater comfort, and a new adaptive chassis control for improved ride and handling. It has released a few interior images, showing an all-digital cockpit with one screen in front of the driver and a huge infotainment screen.

  • Price: From £37,500 (est)
  • Kerbweight: From 1550kg (est)
  • 85% match: From 1318kg (est)
  • Max towing weight: From 1600kg (est)

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