AIRSTREAM HAS WHIPPED the covers off the stunning new version of its flagship model – the International 684.

The Series 2 builds on the already proven Series 1 floorplan, using the same size shell and chassis, and while externally only different window positions and wheels hint at the changes, it is inside that the full extent of the redesign is revealed.


Time for a change

Anthony Slocock, Technical Director at AIRSTREAM & Company, said: “We set ourselves the challenge of coming up with something better and fresher  than the Series 1 684 and it was no mean feat…However, we were confident that we could beat the original on all levels and so resisted the temptation to do minor tweaks and instead started with a blank sheet of paper.”

Using after-sales comments and customer feedback as a starting point, the team began the design process with hand drawn sketches before fine tuning the floorplan, functionality and design themes in 2D and using state-of-the-art digital modelling software to create the shell and interior in 3D over an eight month period.


More style, more substance

The signature of the new decor is revealed just inside the entrance door with 40mm thick worktops and flowing radius corners. Further inside, the clever redesign means owners get a 15cm wider shower, 10cm longer kitchen, 30cm longer seating and additional wardrobe space that provides five clothes shelves. In total, the new trailer boasts a total of 12 drawers – double the previous quantity.  There is also a new dedicated storage space for laptops and books, plus an innovative hidden can holder for extra drinks, awaiting their turn to cool in the fridge.


One of the major bonuses of the new layout is a true bedroom suite. Opening the bathroom door by 90 degrees creates a private bed/ bath/ dressing area, separate from the front of the trailer. The wardrobe and bathroom partitions have also been re-angled to greatly increase space and views.

Corian worktops are offered as standard in the bathroom and as an optional upgrade in the kitchen, where buyers can also opt for a clever rotating worktop extension and residential style undermounted Franke sink, with Corian drop-in lid.

A more European feel

The Series 2 is the first major revamp since Airstream Europe – AIRSTREAM’s European manufacturing and distribution partner started building the range for the continent six years ago.


“The initial European trailer fleet was developed in tandem with engineers in the USA, essentially to follow the design cues of the most successful décor developed to date in the USA but in a European compliant form,” added Mr Slocock. “But when Airstream Europe decided to look again at the International 684 back at the beginning of 2010, we sought permission to take all of the design work in house, to develop the new vehicles completely ourselves, giving us control on materials, specification, timing and so on.” 
Sales Director Michael Hold added: “We are thrilled with the new trailer as it’s even more polished than before.  Every last detail has been perfected and when you step inside there’s a real ‘wow’ factor. The feedback has been incredible and we’ve had orders in from across Europe which we’re now busy working on.”


Prices for the new model start at £52,575. Better start saving…