Iconic Airstream caravans are coming to the UK thanks to the Swift Group, which has been appointed the sole British distributor.

The US brand, based in Ohio and founded in the 1920s, is famous around the world for its ‘silver bullet’ caravans made of riveted and polished aluminium.

However, its portfolio comprises more than ‘just’ the large, luxury, twin-axle tourers many will be familiar with.

It also sells two smaller models which might be more manageable on British roads, the Sport and the Basecamp – the latter similar in ethos to Swift’s own Basecamp.

Airstream was sold in Britain through Adventure Leisure Vehicles in Penrith, formerly Airstream UK, until last year.

A brave new world?

“Over the last decade, Airstream has developed a strong foundation in the UK and we believe Swift Group is the right partner to help us take it to the next level,” said Bob Wheeler, President and CEO of Airstream, Inc. “There is tremendous potential for Airstream in the UK and we fully expect to see sales accelerate in the coming years.”

“This is a fabulous new opportunity for Swift Group, with significant promise in an untapped market,” added Swift Group’s Managing Director James Turner. “I am delighted that Airstream has recognised the quality, passion and unrivalled capability that Swift possesses. I look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.”

Airstream caravans always draw the crowds and attract cameras when spotted at events across the UK, so it is hoped that this deal can build on the place the brand already has in the hearts of the British public.

It also expands Swift Group’s offering, alongside its existing Sprite, Sterling and Swift caravans, as well as its motorhome ranges, and propels the company into a new market sector.

Indeed, with Lunar launching its new Alaria brand last September, it seems the appetite for high-end, luxury caravans is thriving in the UK.