A Swift Challenger caravan was recovered after being stolen from a secure storage farm in Leicestershire.

The theft of the Swift Challenger, which is worth £23,000, highlights the importance of caravan security, especially during the winter months. Having a good caravan wheel lock and caravan hitchlock are two devices that can both play a part in keeping a tourer safe, as can a stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) unit.

In the case of the Challenger, it was successfully located 72 miles away in Peterborough after the owner was able to contact SVR experts Tracker, who activated the installed tracking device.

Fortunately for the owner, who had only had the van for a few days and hadn’t yet insured it, Tracker was able to work in conjunction with the police forces of Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire to track the van for 24 hours as it was moved across the Midlands before recovering it.

Owner Richard Stringer said: “The thieves broke through substantial security to access the site, where other caravans were also being stored, and quickly fled into the night. As a motorsport engineer, I use my caravan all the time during the race season to stay overnight on location, therefore it’s a huge asset that would have been severely missed had it not been found and returned.”

Steve Whittaker, Police Liaison Manager for Tracker, added: “Whilst Mr Stringer couldn’t have predicted the thieves could break into a secure compound, we know from experience that thieves are scrupulous and where there is a will, there is always a way.”

Lead picture depicting a Swift Challenger 580 is for illustrative purposes only.

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