Calor has decided to stop producing its 6kg Lite gas bottle, after it failed to prove as durable as traditional bottles.

The Lite version was introduced in 2006 specifically for caravanners looking to save weight.

However, these bottles failed quality tests more frequently than standard items, particularly in their ability to be “de-dented”, according to Calor’s Head of Corporate Affairs Paul Blacklock: “We concluded that it was not sustainable to keep supplying them.”

To cope with any shortfall, Calor is investing an extra £1m in standard 6kg gas bottles.

Out with the old … in with the new?

In addition, the company is conducting research with a view to bringing out a new product in 2018. One of the customer benefits of this, Calor tells us, is that it will be developed with lower weights in mind.

Customers who were issued with vouchers to claim a new Lite bottle during the recall of all bottles made between 2008 and 2011 can still hand in those vouchers at participating dealers, but may have to opt for a standard bottle, if no Lite cylinders are available at that time.

Speaking of which, from 1 July 2017, the 6kg Calor Lite recall will be closed. Any 6kg Calor Lite Cylinder Recall vouchers given to customers after that date will be honoured. And, again, if stock is not available, this voucher can be exchanged for a standard 6kg gas cylinder.

If you wish to return a Calor Lite cylinder that is no longer required, you will receive a refund.

However, no refunds will be offered to customers supplied with standard 6kg cylinders to replace their Calor Lite bottles, despite the latter being more expensive.

In addition, we understand that customers who already have a Calor Lite should be able to get refills.

If you need to know more, please contact your nearest Calor stockist. Head to the Calor website and enter your postcode to find yours.