ELDDIS HAS PULLED out all the stops to ensure that it has all the bases covered at the NEC show, by adding another new layout to its 2012 portfolio.

The 574 is a single-axle tourer with a rear washroom and it goes head-to-head with Bailey’s Pegasus II Rimini, which also launches at the show. Both have fixed single beds, rear washrooms and sit on a single-axle chassis.


The significant layout difference is the position of the wardrobe. Elddis hides it behind the door, whereas Bailey has hidden it behind the toilet. As with every buying decision, what works best is in the eye of the person signing the cheque but the Elddis will be the cheaper of the two.


And for the first time, Elddis is offering a 10-year body warranty on its new tourers for extra peace of mind.


Ahead of the curve?

If 2012 is going to be the year of the fixed single bed, Elddis looks to be in very good shape. The Avante 574 joins the plush Crusader Shamal and twin-axle Odyssey 650 and Crusader Supercyclone in the Elddis line-up in catering for this niche fixed-bed market. Throw in the uber-posh cousin, Buccaneer Clipper, and it’s clear Elddis has fixed-single bed tourers covered, whatever the budget.


Our big worry is just how large the market is for this style of fixed-bed. The layout’s popularity waned badly over recent seasons but has made a significant comeback this season.

To see the entire Elddis range at the show, head to stand 20-19. Particularly if you want to see lots of stuff with single beds.