I JUST DON’T know what to say. It hasn’t sunk it yet’ said David Cloud as Steve Robson from Park Resorts hands over the keys to a brand new Elddis Xplore 540.

David and his wife Sheila entered a competition run by Practical Caravan, Elddis and Park Resorts earlier this year. The prizes on offer were a stunning Elddis Xplore and 22 nights to use up as they pleased at any of Park Resorts touring sites across the UK.


With a total prize value of nearly £15000, the London-based Clouds were understandably shocked to get a free entry-level fixed bed.

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Handover day: (left to right) Sparkle, Nigel Donnelly (Practical Caravan), David and Sheila Cloud, Steve Robson (Park Resorts) and Sparky


Returning to caravanning

‘We had a caravan years ago’ explained Shelia as she poked her head into the Elddis’ front lounge. ‘It wasn’t quite like this though. It was old and only cost £300. Bits used to fall off it from time to time but it was a cheap holiday for the kids. When they grew up, we sold it but we’ve been looking for a way to have cheap holidays with the grandkids. This will be perfect’

The Elddis was handed over in the height of summer season at the Lower Hyde Park Resorts site near Shanklin on the Isle of Wight. And anyone who is regular on a Park Resorts site knows, nothing exciting happens on site without a visit from Sparkle and Sparky. As rabbits, they couldn’t say what they thought of David and Shelia’s new Elddis, but they certainly made themselves comfy.


Not quite ready for the road

As any caravanner knows however, being given the caravan is just the start. David explained that it’s going to cost them a few quid to get their new tourer on the road.
‘We’ve had to borrow a car with a towbar’ he explained. ‘My car is an old banger, so I’ll have to get a new one so we can tow the caravan’

The couple have got plenty of friends who are caravanners though, and they’ve already been on the phone offering advice to get them back on the touring trail.


The couple’s nearest Park Resorts site is Warden Springs on the Isle of Sheppey but David’s first priority is to get used to towing again, starting with the journey home.


‘It’s been a long time since I towed’ he explained ‘but this is a good reason to try it again’