There’s no denying that tourers and motorhomes are currently very much in demand – during lockdowns, the popularity of caravanning really rocketed. That resulted in stock shortage at dealerships, and saw prices of used caravans go through the roof.

Which means that your tourer isn’t just worth a lot to you and your family: it’s become an even bigger target for thieves, too.

You might feel as though there’s not much you can do to help, but there is – and you can start by increasing your tourer’s security systems as much as possible.

From Phantom to Moving Intelligence

You’ll need to find a company that you can trust to supply those security systems, and that’s why we’d recommend Moving Intelligence.

The name might not be familiar to you, but you’re very likely to know the Phantom brand – that’s Moving Intelligence’s previous name, and it offers an impressive 20 years of experience in leisure vehicle security systems.

So the name is different, but the products are just as trustworthy as before – you can still buy all of the fantastic caravan security systems that Phantom made its name in over the years.

Looking for the peace of mind that only a top security product can offer? Sentinel is the one for you.

It’s a Thatcham-approved tracking and CAT1 alarm combined system – by getting both products together in one, you’ll save money, too.

You can choose from a trio of different levels – Ultimate, S5 and S7 – meaning that you can find the perfect one for you.

No matter which you choose, you’ll get valet/pet mode, tamper alerts, remote control and live tracking, among many other fantastic features.

Invisible security for true peace of mind

If you’d prefer to go for a caravan-specific system, we’d suggest considering either the Mi01 Sentry or the Pro3.

Some unscrupulous thieves might steal your caravan and send it away in a shipping container, or store it underground – but that’s not a problem for the Thatcham-accredited Mi01 Sentry. It will still send out a signal that’s traceable, helping the authorities track down your pride and joy.

It’s small in size, too, so you won’t notice that it’s there – and as a result, potential thieves shouldn’t spot it, either.

Alternatively, you could go for the Pro3 Thatcham S7-Approved GPS Tracking System. With the opportunity to view the location of your tourer to within an incredible distance of just eight feet, and MotionDetection too, there’s everything you need to know your caravan is in safe hands, even when it’s out of your sight.

And we all know how irritating a low caravan battery is – the Pro 3 can send you a useful alert when its status is running low.

Save money on your insurance

The even better news is that Moving Intelligence products are insurance approved. Simply tell your provider that you’ve got one fitted, and you’ll likely find that your premiums are reduced.

And that, of course, means you’ll have more cash for those fantastic weekends away in your tourer – which is what every caravanner wants.

To find out more about Moving Intelligence, simply visit its website.

You can also find Moving Intelligence on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.